Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend has been full-full of fun but also boring stuff that needed to get done. We are usually tied up with kid stuff on the weekends and evenings so we are usually behind on stuff for the house. It is fine with me-when the kids leave home one day is when I will be able to focus on flower beds and decorating!

This weekend, however, I REALLY needed a new cell phone. I have been using a hand-me-down phone from Mike for years and last week the antenna fell off of it! So this weekend we took all three kids cell phone shopping and I am now the proud new owner of a cute, red Blackberry.

We also desperately neeeded to buy a king-size mattress for our new bedroom suit that is being delivered Tuesday. I am so excited for my sleigh bed!! Taking three kiddos cell phone and mattress shopping was certainly a challenge!

Sunday was full of more fun things such as church, a soccer party, and a birthday party! Here is Hope in her hat that matched her outfit! I made her wear this hat all day to get conditioned to wearing them this summer. We are joining a pool in our "backyard" this summer and I needed her to get used to wearing hats!

She also got dressed up all cute to have some cake and ice cream for her friend, Brady. He turned one last week and we celebrated with some cake and ice cream! In the above picture she looks so much like Kyle as a baby-I will have to dig out some pictures:)

This picture melts my heart. Last Sunday the boys wore ties to church and David was so proud of his tie! He looks so much like his father in this picture with the glasses, tie and serious face. He wanted to wear one again this morning to church so I will need to go tie shopping because both boys only have one to wear! HA!

Here is a picture of Hope with her baby friend, Brady. They squeal when they see each other but in this picture Hope is playing hard to get! Brady was a good role model for Hope today on how to get into that first piece of cake! I cannot believe that Hope's first birthday is on the horizon...:(

Brady using all his fingers for that first slice of cake!!

Before the party, we went to the soccer party to celebrate the end of the season. Kyle has played sports so long now that trophies no longer hold the same excitement for him. Not so for David. He was so excited for his trophy and was so proud of it! It just makes me so happy that he has the opportunity to be just like everyone else by participating in sports. I hope this will be available to him for many years to come because it provides him exercise and sports are great social opportunities! His face is not dirty, but has icing all over it! One of the moms bought adorable soccer cookies with black/white icing and David certainly enjoyed it!

Here he is getting his award from Coach Graham!

Playing with some of his teammates at the playground. It was suppose to rain today, but thankfully it held off and we had sunny, warm weather:)

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  1. I was super impressed with your text I received at the VT game, who says Marion isn't hi-tech?