Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Fun

This weekend weather was so beautiful that we ventured out to Hungry Mother with some friends to enjoy the sunshine after church. Mike has been working most of the weekend on the school budget, so I took the kids out to the park this afternoon to give him some quiet work time at home. I told the boys that we were not going to get wet at the park, but as you can see, that did not last:) Above is sweet David dipping his toes into the lake!

Our friend Micah enjoyed the lake so much that he needed to lay down in the water with his blue jeans on!!!
Hope in her little skort!! She loved being outside and really wanted to get in the water!!

Kyle and his friend Grace venturing out into the water. It was super cold-I have no idea how they stood that water!!
The park has lots of sidewalks that are perfect for scootering.

Hope hanging out in the stroller with her beloved sippy cup.

After church Hope crashed when we got home and she fell asleep in her sweet smocked dress. I went to check on her and found that she had snuggled up to her little baby and thought she looked so darn sweet.
This weekend both boys had ball practice and Mike worked TONS on the budget. I attempted to head out with some friends for a girls night swanky dinner and I got super sick before the meals arrived. I was so sick that I had to call Mike to come and get me. Seriously. I get out so rarely without my kiddos and sure enough the one night that I had crab cakes coming my way I get so sick with a migraine that I had to leave. Talk about not fair!

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