Monday, April 12, 2010

Music Together

Above is a video of Hope and David at a music class called Music Together. It is a new class starting here locally in a few weeks. Hope is jamming with her egg shakers! I love it! The class is taught by a certified Music therapist and the class is mostly live music with a guitar. David is mesmerized by Mrs. RaeAnn. The boys did Kindermuzik for years with our dear friend Tracy in Orange so I am so thankful that Hope and David will get to do music as well.

Hope is wearing her Donna outfit!! A local and amazing seamstress made this outfit for Hope. I know that her closet is overflowing with the awesome hand-me-downs from Ally and Parker plus the stuff I bought last year on sale, but I could not resist some custom-made outfits this year. I am SUCH a wanna-be seamstress and one day I had a ball picking out patterns and fabric for this cute little outfit. Donna is so amazing and she did a great job:) I so want to learn to sew but by the time that I have the time to take classes, Hope will probably be so old that sweet little baby girl clothes are NOT going to be what she wants to wear!! Ha! Learning to sew is on my "bucket list" down the road!!

Enjoy the video and remember to pause the blog music:) Sorry that the blog has been taken over by videos lately, but David is OBSESSED with watching videos of himself!! He loves my new Flipcam as much as I do:) He wants me to take it with us everywhere so I can video him. I really think that Hollywood may have a place for ole Dave one day! Maybe our life can become a reality show-I certainly feel like it is sometimes!

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  1. she already has more rhythm than her mommy!!!!

    :) Chad