Saturday, April 17, 2010

Little League Opening Day

Both boys played in their opening games in Little League today. We were all excited for the start of the season. David is playing on a Tball team and Kyle is playing on the 7/8 pitching machine team. Mike is David's assistant coach and is the head coach for Kyle's team. Above is David's team lining up for the National Anthem!! David is number 5:)

Playing in the "outfield!

Getting ready to bat. I have a hilarious video of his first bat that I will download later tonight. It is hilarious of him running and me screaming for him!!

Big boy Kyle watching his little brother play.

Lining up for their game. I am overall not a huge baseball fan, but I am a lunatic when my boys are playing. I cheer so hard for them and probably make a fool of myself.

Kyle played first base today and did well:)

Making a play at first. Today on the field I was astounded at how big he looked out there. I knew that he had had a huge growth spurt this year, but I did not realize how much until he was out on that field today in his size 4 1/2 cleats:)

Coach Mike! Coaching the boys' teams is truly the joy of Mike's life. He gets just as excited for the games and practices as the boys do. I love that he has a stress relief in coaching and we have some fun times at the ballfield.

Oh Davey borrowed Mrs. Teresa's camera and took pictures! He wanted me to take his picture taking a picture.

These pictures above and below should be reversed, but the exciting news is that Kyle hit a homerun!! He made it all around the bases and scored in their scrimmage! We were so excited for him:)

Okay, here is some of the drama that we have experienced over this weekend. Usually on the weekends, Mike and Kyle go to this local barber shop for haircuts. It is a real manly man kind of place and my boys love the guys that run it. With the craziness of our schedule this week, the boys went to a different place closer to home for Kyle's hair cut. Unfortunately while the gal was cutting his hair, the guard fell off of the razor and this happened:

Do you see that big gap in his hair?? I went bananas needless to say and so today after the ball games they went to their beloved barbershop and got it fixed. Kyle now looks ready for the military but thankfully he has a cute head and the gap is gone:) Below Kevin the barber is fixing the mess:)

The other drama of the weekend is that DAvid is doing this mysterious limp. We went to the doctor Friday and the doctor wanted to start with some anti-inflammatory meds in case it is a bruise or soft tissue problem. Unfortunately that has not helped too much so we will probably have Xrays Monday.
It worries me and I was so upset last night about it that I hardly slept. I was up in the wee hours reasearching on Webmd. Saw some scary stuff on there and we will all be thankful when the doctor opens back up Monday morning and we can do some scans. His limp is pronounced and he says that his hip hurts:( Please prayer warriors say a prayer for sweet Dave and I will keep you posted as we know more.

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  1. We will be praying hard for David, and for you, because I know you must be torn to pieces. I think those "wait for Monday" things are just pure he able to rest/sleep?! We are praying!!