Monday, April 5, 2010

I really needed this Not Me Monday to air the less than perfect side of me today. I am feeling a little edgy:) So, here goes-

During the second church service that I attended Easter morning I did NOT sneak out to feed Hope and end up going through the McDonald's drive thru for a sweet tea! Not me!

I did not get the kids all dressed for church and then contemplate going back to bed instead of going to church!

I did NOT take a picture of an Amish person getting out of his cute buggy when in Ohio-I would NEVER disrespect their religious views just to get a neat photo:)

I did not check the dates in my grandmother's fridge yesterday before I ate at her house for Easter:) My grandmother often feels that those expiration dates are just suggestions!!

Ahhh, I feel a little bit better now. Seriously, we did have an awesome Easter/spring break and I now have the summer bug BAD!


  1. hehe, I had to get a Mcd's sweet tea on Sunday too! I am addicted!

    Happy NMM!

  2. Visiting from MckMama's! Your church run to Mcd's....hilarious! Beautiful kids!