Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

The weather tried to mess with Halloween 2012.  Yesterday we had several inches of snow, and today it is very cold, drizzly and just yucky halloween weather.  Last night via facebook several creative friends had the idea to have an indoor pizza party/trick or treat event in the church fellowship hall.

It was such a fun night at church!  Check out David and his Superman twin!!!  I love this picture:)

My pictures are out of order, but this morning the public school was on a two hour delay due to the icy roads so my boys came to preschool with us for a little bit.  David was in heaven and Kyle was my helper.  Cinderella Hope loved having her brothers at her school:)
I have two of the most awesome preschool classes.  Here we are reading the book Five Little Pumpkins before our party today.  I absoluely love teaching.  Hope insisted that I dress up today so I pulled out Ashley's poodle skirt that I borrowed for last year and put it on. she said that I looked like a princess:)
Tonight for the impromptu party at church, Hope wore her warmer strawberry costume from Brooklyn.  I love this sweet little strawberry even if she changed her costume a million times and threw a total fit over a pair of tights:)
The Robinson kiddos heading out to church.  Kyle was the  Red Man, David was Superman, and Hope was our little strawberry:)
Sweet Kelsey and Hope at church. 
Our attempt at a group picture!  Hope is behind the angel with sweet Gracie Dimit.  Hope has warmed up to sweet Gracie and she even let her....
take her around the room trick or treating to all the parents.  Thank you Gracie for being such a sweet soul to my shy little strawberry:)

Despite Hurricane Sandy trying to scare us into staying home we had a great day at preschool with our friends and tonight at church.  We are so blessed to live in this community. 

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