Thursday, May 30, 2013


This week has been action-packed, exhausting, and awesome!  Tomorrow is the last day of school for our school system (yipee!) and there have been many opportunities for fun.  Yesterday morning Hope and I went to Kyle's class to make slime with them.  We had so much fun with a great group of kids. 
The kids made slime with a little direction from me and this little girl had a blast with Kyle's awesome teacher, Ms. Roark. 
Kyle did not get to stay and make slime because he had to get dressed in his civil war gear to be apart of the Civil War Camp at his school.  Here he is dressed like a Yankee soldier.  It was hot in the civil war camp, but Kyle enjoyed it. 
This morning I headed to Kyle's school for field day.  This is the highlight of my little sports nut's school year.  Here he is with Caroline before heading outside. 
One of the funniest events at field day is the dress-up relay.  He looks cute with a dress, purse, and shower cap:)
Grace, Caroline, and Kyle.  He has had some great friends in his class this year. 
Another favorite friend-Andy!
After field day in the morning and a quick Mommy lunch at the Mexican restaurant, I went to David's second grade show.  The theme was Broadway tunes, and David rocked a Grease song. This kid loves to perform!
Check out his moves!!
"We'll always be together" song from Grease.  This is a very bittersweet year around our county.  David attends a K-2 school and Kyle just finished at the grades 3-5 Intermediate School.  Kyle's school is closing down because a brand new school (Oak Point Elementary) has been built that will open next year!!  Staff and kids are being split up to attend either the brand new school or stay in the newly renovated and beautiful Marion Elementary School. 

Mike as the Superintendent has been working (along with his awesome school board) since I was pregnant with Hope on these school projects.  He and his staff and school board have put bazillions of hours in on this project in a very tight budget time.  I am so excited to see their plans come to fruition when our kids will attend a brand-new school next year!!
After David's show, I headed back to the high school gym to watch Kyle play in the teacher/student basketball game.  Kyle was SO EXCITED to get chosen to play in this game.  The whole school came and watched and it was really a fun, loud, and awesome event. 
The teachers dressed crazy and it was a competitive game.  I laughed and cheered so loudly for the kids!  Teachers ended up winning but a great time was had by all.
Kyle played against his competitive and awesome teacher Ms. Osborne.  Kyle had her last year and her son is a friends of Kyle's and they play baseball and AAU basketball with us.  This girl has got game and she was out to win!!!  This game will forever be one of the highlights of his career at MIS. 
Tomorrow is the last day so this tired Momma is logging off to rest up from our action-packed day with the boys at their schools.  We are so blessed to have so many great educators that give so much to help these kids make some great memories.  Well done!

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