Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July!  Typically we spend this holiday at Claytor Lake with family, but due to a baseball game and the RAIN we have postpone our family day at the lake until this weekend.  I found some cute pictures on my phone from this past week. 

Here is princess Hope at the library making "dirt cakes" with pudding, oreos and gummy worms to go along with the theme of summer reading.  The library has been a popular place with us this summer for the great storytimes, friends, and checking out cool books and movies.  Kyle has been participating in the Teen Storytime where he can earn bucks for participating in certain things.  One of the things that he can do to earn bucks is to help out at a storytime.  I love in the background of this picture you can see him helping kids make their dirt cakes. 
David found  a new buddy at the library-baby Katie!  He was so proud of himself that he could hold her and keep her happy.  She is such a cutie!!
We have tried to enjoy the pool as much as possible between rain showers.  This has been the rainiest summer ever but we are enjoying the pool as often as we can.  My kids love going there and playing with their friends. 
Hope is really enjoying swimming and each time we go she is getting better and braver with her swimming!  Go Hope!
Can you find David in this picture?!  Last Friday it rained and we went to see Monsters University.  The kids loved it and DAvid insisted to get his picture made with this display:) 
This summer we have added another helper with David to get to his therapy appointments and to help David reach some of his goals.  We are still blessed with our Ashley who has faithfully been with us for almost five years!  Ashley's full-time work fulltime and  school coupled with  planning her wedding has forced her to cut some of her hours back here with David.  Amber is helping us during the day and we have enjoyed getting to know her.  I can't believe we have not scared her off yet!  Ha! It is very tricky to bring people into your home but God blessed us abundantly with Ashley who is now part of the family and God recently sent us Amber.  We are blessed.  My kids are in Ashley's wedding which is coming up in September and I can barely contain my excitement!
This little girl is feeling puny tonight with a fever and a sore throat.  We will be calling the doctor first thing in the morning:( 
This morning we finally got Kyle's last game in for the all star tournament.  Mike dressed the little ones (love David's patriotic outfit!) and off we rushed to the ball field.  This all star season has been disappointing for lots of reasons, but Kyle loves baseball. 
And he also loves the social aspect of being on a team.  Kyle is so reserved and quiet but he has several good friends on his team.  Here he is with Trey...
and Caleb.  We won our last game today but we will not be advancing beyond this level. 

We are looking forward to more fun on the horizon.  Tomorrow is David's ninth birthday.  I am very emotional tonight thinking that after you have battled cancer each birthday becomes a bigger and sweeter victory.  We pray that our sweet David will have many more birthdays!  We are going to celebrate by taking David to one of his very favorite places-Chuck E Cheese!  Happy Holiday Weekend!

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