Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break has been wonderful!  We have had a perfect balance of fun and rest at home.  Thursday we spent the day in Radford eating turkey and catching up with my grandmothers, Chad and his family, and GG and Pops.  The food was great and it was nice to rest and catch up. 

Friday we went to see the new Disney movie Frozen.  We all five enjoyed it so much and Hope has memorized all the songs on youtube!  It was really a cute movie.  We have also spent a great deal of time cranking out salt dough stars for Give Kids the World-this has been such a fun family project.  Kyle is the salt dough king!

Saturday was an awesome day.  Over this break Mike and I have celebrated fourteen years of marriage!  Yay!  We celebrated with a whole day out together without kids.  We Christmas shopped, had a leisurely meal together, and then attended a fun gathering with some great people.  We really enjoyed the time out together.  We are not always great about carving out couple time for ourselves but we really had fun together.  We have been through a lot in fourteen years together, and though our marriage is far from perfect we are perfect for each other. 

The last day of our break today was spent at church.  We are starting a new series at church entitled Socks and Underwear-the gift you need but do not always want.  The first sermon in this series was great so I am excited to hear the rest in the series. 

This afternoon I had the pleasure of chaperoning four youth kids from Kyle's youth group to shop for two families from Santa's Elves.  What a treat to go into Walmart and listen to four teens plan, shop, and budget their money wisely for the three little girls we were honored to buy for.  The boys embraced their inner sparkle and did well (under the girls' guidance) of buying for three little girls!! I tried to step back and let them pick it all out.  I was blown away how thoughtful and wise this group was.  I know I was suppose to be guiding them, but I was in awe of listening to their teamwork, thoughtfulness, and budget savy ways.  Well done guys! 
We have 13 days of school left before Christmas break!  After the fun and relaxation we have had over this break I am ready for Christmas!!  Of course David's upcoming scan is never far from our minds, but we will continue in faith to believe that whatever the CT machine shows, our God will be with us.  He is our peace and comfort on these tough scan weeks. 

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