Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

Blogger is not letting me post an abundance pictures on this post, but oh well.  Today on New Years Eve I am busy cleaning my house and preparing for our 4th annual New Years Progressive dinner with some dear friends.  This is one of our favorite family traditions and we are all excited! 

As I am cleaning and cooking I am thinking back over 2013.  Jonathan started my recount of 2013 in church on Sunday, and I have been blown away now that I am taking time to count the blessings that were bestowed on us this past year.  We continue to see God's handprints on our lives and we are eager to see what he has in store for us in 2014.

The highlight of our year was our Make-a-Wish trip to Disney!  That whole trip will forever be tucked in my heart.  God blessed that trip with beautiful weather, good health for us all to enjoy, and precious family memories.  Simply amazing!
We have also had several clean scans in 2013 which have given us relief and thanksgiving to God.  Those never get easier, but we continue to be under the best care ever at UVA!  We were also chosen in 2013 to be a Children's Miracle Network Miracle Family which has been fun and given us a way to give back.  We got to do a family interview for marketing for the hospital and we love The CMN team at UVA!
Our summer trip to Charleston was also a huge highlight of 2013.  The beach and area were gorgeous and the kids loved the ocean, the aquarium, sightseeing, and the Charleston Riverdogs game.  I often think about retiring there in my later years it is so pretty. 
The boys have gotten to see not one, but two Miami Heat games this year!  What a blessing for David and Kyle to see Lebron James in real life.  We also got to participate in Special Spectators at UVA, and then we got to host Special Spectators at Virginia Tech!  My brother and Dad went to help me host these special families at VT and it was such an awesome day.  At both special spectators events, we met some brave and awesome families. 
2013 brought a change of schools for both of my boys.  Kyle is now in middle school and is very happy, and David in attending the new Oak Point Elementary!  The ribbon cutting day at OPES, was very emotional for me watching Mike at the podium speaking.  He did a lot of the hard work for the project at UVA while David was in treatment.  To see that beautiful new building welcoming students after years of planning, gave me goosebumps.  I will also treasure the picture of David on the first day of school with Ms. Umbarger standing at the door with her arms wide open for him to run into. 
David and I had an awesome Mommy/Son date night in 2013 to see David Crowder Band.  Not only was it an awesome night of worship, but I will never forget sweet David resting his head on the stage listening to his favorite christian singer play his heart out.  We got to meet David Crowder himself after the show and it was an unforgettable night for us both.  I just learned that David Crowder is going out on tour again in 2014!!!
Hope has continued to thrive in 2013 coming out of her little shell more and more.  Last year at the christmas show she was a farm animal who sat on the steps and looked down and never sang.  This year she was a beautiful angel and she stood proudly on the stage at church and sang her heart out!! 
This past year we were blessed and got to participate in two weddings!  Nick and Mary Lee got married in August and sweet Hope made us so proud as a flower girl.  Ashley and Matt got married labor day weekend and all three of my children were in that wedding.  Weddings are such fun and we were so excited to witness these unions. 
We cannot wait to see what 2014 will bring!  Knowing our family it will be lots of sporting events, and a few weekend trips along the way.  We are excited to watch Kyle continue to learn the game of tennis that he has fallen in love with.  Mike's job is never easy or boring so we pray God's blessings over our school system and him. 
I pray this year we as a family continue to grow closer to God.  Mike always tells the kids to "do the right thing always" and my new mantra for the kids is to "represent Jesus" wherever we go.  We never know what the future holds, but we know that God will always be with us.  Happy 2014 to you!! 

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