Monday, March 17, 2014

40Bags in 40Days

Life has blessed me with a few days to catch my breath and just to be home.  Friday evening my three boys headed to Richmond to cheer on one of our high school girls basketball teams in the state tournament.  They blew away the competition and my boys were there to cheer them on!  They had a great overnight trip watching basketball and shopping for some much needed baseball gear for Kyle. 

Sadly Hope got sick at preschool Friday which meant that we stayed home while they took their road trip.  While she rested and watched movies, I took time to participate in the 40bags in 40 days cleanout of my house.  While the boys were gone, I got rid of 22 trash bags of stuff!  I took many bags of clothes to Goodwill, took some baby stuff to church nursery, threw away many bags of trash, and set some stuff out for a friend's church rummage sale.  I still have several corners of our house to clean, but it was awesome to de-clutter and organize. 

I was stunned to find a bag of toys that were still packed from one of our hopital stays.  The kids were thrilled to find some toys, but I gasped because we found this necklace that David was wearing when he was diagnosed.  He refused to take it off and they had to wait until he was sedated for his big surgery to remove it.  We thought it had gotten lost!  I also had to throw away lots of medical supplies that were expired.  Seeing those old reminders of our days at UVA hospital, gave me a lump in my throat.  I still cannot believe all that our baby went through, but all those UVA hospital reminders remind me how faithful our God was/is.

Today we are once again home due to ice and sleet.  I really think winter is never going to go away!  Usually I am annoyed at snow days but today I am thankful for a relaxing day at home. 

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