Friday, March 7, 2014

Prayer Cups and our Awesome Schools!

This week has been full.  Full of kids, volunteering, and more kids!  I was tired last night and blessedly today is another snow day here is the mountains of Virginia.  Usually I cringe when I hear Mike calling the TV stations cancelling school because that will be more day day in June we will have to go, but not this morning.  I am thankful to be snuggling in bed blogging while my youngest two are snuggled besides me watching the Lion King.  Life is good in my big bed this morning! 

Every Wednesday I am one of the helpers involved in our afterschool program at church.  I am kind of the craft gal, and each week I plan a craft to go along with our bible lesson.  This week we were learning about prayer, and so for the craft we made prayer cups.  I bought some brightly colored cups in the party section at the Dollar Tree and then I bought a bunch of craft sticks.  I was so excited they had these rainbow colored craft sticks.  They make me happy!  Anyway, here is our family prayer cup.  We as a family decided who we need to pray and wrote their name on a stick.  Each night before bed we pray as a family and the kids take turns reading aloud each name.  It has been precious family time each night before bed.  One of Hope's preschool pals has strep throat this week.  She would not rest until his name was written on a stick to be prayed for.  :) 
Yesterday after preschool Hope and I went to David's school to volunteer in the book fair for the afternoon.  I saw his class coming out of the cafeteria and did not see David.  His teacher informed me that he was still in the cafeteria having a special lunch  date with his principal!  At first I was worried that he did something bad to warrant time with the principal, but it was quite the opposite.  David loves his principal and just wanted to hang out with him while he finished his lunch.  Bless his principal for eating in the cafeteria with the kids and spending time with them. 
After spending several hours in the book fair helping kids purchase books with their sweet coins and wadded up dollars, we came home for a quick dinner and then headed back to the school for Dr. Seuss night!  Here is David with Clifford!!
Hope was so excited that some of her preschool friends were at the Dr. Seuss night!  Here are these big girls  at a station doing their work!:)  Hope is very excited to go to school next year!
Our entire county is blessed with some of the best teachers I have ever met.  They love kids, take their mission of educating children seriously, and give of themselves every. single. day.  Here is David with Ms. "Roz" at one of the stations-he was very concerned that there was not a "Thing 2" at her station:)
My heart was so touched at Dr. Seuss night watching David shepherd Hope around his school.  Next year it will be "their" school which is exciting and mind boggling all at the same time-didn't we just bring her home from the hospital??? 
At one of the stations, after reading Green Eggs and Ham, the children had to fill in their eggs with rhyming words.  This little girl rocked some rhyming words with help from her big brother. 

It was so precious to watch these two together. Kindergarten registration is in one week.  I thought it would be very hard to send my last baby off to big school, but she is SO excited and ready for this next big step.  We have had some precious years together at FUMC preschool and those memories will always be in my heart, but little love is ready to spread her wings. 

I left school last night after hours in the book fair volunteering and after a successful Dr. Seuss night thanking God for the awesome educators we have here in our neck of the woods.  My kids are blessed because of what they give each and every day. 

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