Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sicky Buddy

This week has been a rough one for our Rock Star.  He been battling some nasty tummy bug since early Tuesday morning.  Tummy bugs are terrible but they especially make us nervous for David and his solo kidney.  He still has a dialy intake goal of 60-70 ounces of fluid daily to keep his kidney healthy and happy.  When he is sick this is especially important. 

He has been so sick and sleepy that he has had a hard time getting all of his fluids in each day.  I have enjoyed my snuggle time with him and I think I am maxed out on the Little Mermaid.  I love Ariel and all, but I am done now with that movie.   

I was out of preschool Wednesday when we typically have music time with Mr. Bryan.  The children are working on one of my favorite songs ever and they sent us this precious little video to say get well David!  Do I not have the BEST job ever?  I also love their sweet voices and southern accents.  Hope is on the second row in the sparkly Minnie Mouse Dress:)  I know I am blessed to work in a church setting, but this week I have felt especially blessed with my co-teachers and the church staff:) 

Here is the official video of the song that our preschoolers are working on. We sang this song at our "Lent Launch" services last week.  It is so beautiful!  I think Matt Redmen would approve of how well our preschoolers are singing his song-even with their sweet southern accents. 

Speaking of southern accents,  a group of my preschoolers were talking about "candles" the other day during snack time.  I thought it was cute and wondered if one of their moms was a Scentsy consultants or something that these girls were so into their "candles."  It hit me later when they were talking about the game Frozen on their "candles" that they were referring to their Kindles but their sweet,southwest  Virginia accents made it sound like candles.  It gave us a little chuckle at school:)

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