Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lights, Camera, Action!

Wow!  Yesterday was quite a day in our household.  Around 11:00 the lovely Tucker and Brandy showed up at our house ready for a day of filming.  Twenty minutes later a group of video guys showed up and started turning our house into a production set.  I joked that I had never had so many guys in my kitchen before! 

When they got to our house, they walked around looking at lighting to find the best spot in the house.  The living room was not an option due to the fact that there is too much natural light because we do not have blinds up.  So the kitchen/sunroom was found to be the best spot in the house.  I was being interviewed for a video that will be shown this summer at the opening of the new Battle Building at UVA where clinic and basically anything pediatrics will be moved into.  They wanted a Mom's perspective about how this new building will impact David's care for the years to come because not only does he have special needs, but he will be cared for by multiple doctors for years to come. 
I was not too nervous because I am so passionate about sharing what amazing care we received at UVA.  We are so honored to be a Miracle Family and have the opportunity to give back in small ways such as this.  I also will not lie and say that when it was all set up and the cameras were rolling I did  sweat a little!  I was not allowed to look at the camera-only at sweet Ms. Brandy who was interviewing who was right beside the camera. 

We took a pizza break and we had ordered CJ's party tray for the crew.  David was in heaven having these two sweet and lovely ladies around.  They had a pizza picnic while the crew switched the set up. 

After my formal interview, they did some video footage of David.  He jammed out on his guitar to the song from the movie Frozen and of course he had to rock a David Crowder Band Song.   David was actually a little subdued yesterday?:) I had cleaned so hard for the video crew and then when they got here they started moving around my furntiure to set up the set.  I was so humbled when toys, candy wrappers, and "junk" rolled out!  Ha!  Thankfully they did not flinch!  They were professional but awesome to work with. 

We are committed to doing anything we can to give back to UVA.  We are beyond excited for the new Battle Building to open.  The care that we received in clinic has always been top notch, but the facility definitely needs to be upgraded.  While listening to Ms. Tucker talk about how child friendly and creative the new facility will be, I was stunned.  It is really going to be gorgeous and we are excited to go to the ribbon cutting in June.  That is where our video will be shown.  It is amazing to think that after three hours of set up and video it will be condensed to roughly two minutes long!! Thank you crew for driving all this way, hopefully making me look and sound great, and being so family-friendly to work with.  We had a blast with you all! 

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