Sunday, March 9, 2014

God's Presence, Basketball, and Baseball

We have been home very little this weekend. Yesterday Kyle played in a one day basketball tournament with his 6th grade AAU team. We ended the season well by getting runners up in the last tournament of the season. I will miss basketball season and all our Hornet families, but there is a season for everything!

Today between church services, we put away the hoops gear and drug out our baseball chairs, and headed to the field to watch Kyle's first baseball scrimmage of the year. After the intense action of basketball, baseball is a little painful for me to watch. After a baseball scrimmage and then another baseball practice, David had an Upward basketball game. His season is coming to a close too and he will miss it very much. He has had such fun.

Tonight we headed back to church for the first of four "Lent Launch" services. The baptist in my wants to call them revival services:) Tonight's service was awesome and at first Kyle was annoyed that there was a guest preacher because he loves Jonathan so much. After he got over the initial shock of someone else in Jonathan's place, he did admit that he enjoyed it.

This is the first Lent season that Kyle has thought about Lent and what it means. I credit his youth director Jackie for teaching the concept so well and we went to the Ash Wednesday service last week. Kyle and I have decided instead of giving something up for Lent, we are going to do daily scripture readings. As a family we are also praying with our prayer cup each night. Kyle says one of his friends in youth group has given up his playstation during Lent:) That is so cute!

Our lives are crazy and busy but Mike and I are trying so hard to walk the walk and talk the talk with our kids that God comes first. We are trying to teach our children the importance of consistent church attendance despite our crazy schedules. I know that as parents we mess up a lot-I am grumpy, have a tendency to have a wee bit of road rage, and have a hard time walking away from small-town gossip, but I pray that when our kids are older they will appreciate growing up in church and feeling the love that comes from "the family of God."

Today in church this short video was shown and it touched my heart. God amazes me each and every day and this video is not only great, but I love the song. I hope that it blesses you as much as it blessed me today in church.

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