Tuesday, April 29, 2014

David's IEP

Yesterday at David's school we had his yearly Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Meeting. We discussed the areas of growth that David has had this year and the areas that he still needs some more work in. David's strengths are definitely his social skills, reading fluency (dude is on grade level for fluency), using a calculator for math, and history.

Like a lot of children with Down Syndrome he definitely has a weakness when it comes to reading comprehension. He can read anything (truly) but has difficulty answering questions about what he just read. His desk organization is a little shaky, and he is still struggling with money.

Every year for this meeting I bring some snack foods for the IEP team. Our meetings are always down to business (teachers are so stapped for time) but we do take a few minutes to chuckle at our boy and his school antics. Bringing a few cookies, chips, and sweet tea is my very small way to say thank you to his team. They are amazing professionals.

This was David on the first day of school. His classroom teacher is greeting him with arms wide open ready to hug and greet him. I should have known right then and there that his year was going to be fabulous. Not only does this amazing teacher embrace him each day (literally and figuratively) but his entire school does. He is one blessed little guy to have some great professionals around him.

IEP meetings can be brutal. You basically sit around and discuss all the things that your child cannot do so you can put accomodations and services in place to help him keep up with his peers. He may not be on grade level for reading comprehension and his making change from a dollar is a little iffy, but David knows without a doubt how loved he is by us, the school, and Jesus.

After the meeting yesterday Hope and I went into the cafeteria to have lunch with Dave and some of his friends. One girl told me that David makes the children stop, hold hands at lunch and pray before they eat. My jaw literally dropped. He may be a little guy with an IQ hovering around mid-60's but David is one smart guy.

May God continue to bless David with the amazing professionals he has this year. May he also continue to use David to teach others about Him and remind us all how much we are loved.


  1. I completely understand IEP's (and the hope of having amazing professionals--we've had both amazing and not so amazing). I must tell you that if David is having the kids hold hands and pray before they eat, he is a lot more advanced than most students and adults! I know you are proud of your young man...as you should be!

  2. Laura, your blog is always so positive and upbeat and it's such a blessing to be able to keep up with your family this way. A Mom who brings snacks for the IEP team - wow !

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