Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Holy Week

I love Holy Week.  It breaks my heart to think what Jesus endured for me and for you on that cross, but it makes me fall more in love with him each year.  I know two years ago when I was watching my son suffer through chemo, Jesus' death on the cross touched me so much. 
Tonight everything on our schedule was cancelled due to the freak cold snap and SNOW we have seen here today?! Tonight I jumped at the chance to have all my babies home for the night and we prepared for Easter.  We made resurrection rolls for our after school snack and then we dyed eggs.  We do both of these things each and every year. 

I had to encourage my big boy to jump into the egg fun:) 

Here are Amber, David, and Hope making resurrection rolls.  I have made these the last two days at preschool and we are making them again tomorrow with all the afterschool kids.  They are a GREAT way to teach the Easter story and the kids are always amazed that Jesus (the marshmellow) is really gone after baking.  Plus they are super yummy!
I make them by taking a big marshmellow and rolling it melted butter and then rolling it in cinnamon.  Put it in the big part of the triangle of a crescent roll and roll it up.  (It does not have to be pretty at all, just seal up the edge really well).  Bake it for about 7 minutes and when they are cool, you can break it open and Jesus is gone just like the bible story.  They are super yummy too!

 I know I will miss this scene one day when my kiddos grow up.  :) 
We also baked cookies for Hope's easter party tomorrow.  Tomorrow is the last holiday party for the preschool and I am sad that this will be my last party as a Mom of a preschooler!  She is so excited about kindergarten and I am thrilled for her, but my sweet girl leaving me at FUMC preschool is hurting my heart a little. 
I am not a huge country music fan, but this song is my favorite during Holy week.  The beautiful thing about my life is that between my job as a christian preschool teacher and a volunteer at church in the children's ministry, I get to read bible stories like the Easter story multiple times per season.  The story of Jesus' birth at Christmas and the Story of his death and resurrection at Easter never get old to read and teach to children.  I am so blessed that my vocation in life includes praying and teaching kids about Jesus. 
The story of Jesus' death and resurrection always makes me think of his mother, Mary.  I know how hard it was to watch my baby boy endure chemo, I cannot imagine crucifixion.  I cannot imagine her sadness and agony.  This song touches me and I hope you enjoy it as well!

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