Sunday, April 13, 2014

Scans, Eggs, and Friends

We left Thursday night for Charlottesville for David's scan.  Even though Mike and I both believe in God's plan for our family, these scans never get easier.  I doubt they ever will. 

We checked into radiology at 7:30 a.m.  Because of a scheduling issue, David did not get started until 9 a.m. which was a long hour and a half without food or drink for David.  We were in a lead room so we could not get internet access so to take his mind off of it,  we were silly.  Here he is dressed at Dr. Dave loopy on Versed!! The medicine takes terrible but it really erases all the yucky memories of the day.  Love that stuff!
While he was gone from us for several hours for the scan, I participated in a radiothon for Children's Miracle Network.  I had slept very little Thursday night due to worry and stress, and I was worried about David because he had been gone for us for several hours at this point.  Several sweet friends said I sounded great but I felt like I was incoherent:)  It is SO HARD to put into words how much we love UVA children's hospital and our team of doctors, nurses, teachers, and other professionals that have blessed us along the way.  Whenever I am asked to share about our experience it is hard to put into words how awesome that place makes us feel with their professionalism, care, concern, and overall love for our David. 
We left the hospital mid-afternoon Friday to head home not knowing the results of the scan.  We knew his labs were stable from previous labs which is great, but it is always the LONGEST drive home waiting for the phone to ring.  Finally the phone rang and Dr. Belyea shared that the scan was clean!!!  Praise God!
The weather this weekend has been beautiful so we have celebrated the good scan news with ome fun!  Saturday we went to the church Easter egg hunt.  Our sweet friend Sydney went with us and here are Sydney, Hope and Olivia.  The last few years it has rained or been cool but not this year!  It was beautiful and held at a school playground that is nicely fenced in:) 
Here is Jonathan reading the Easter story to the kids before the hunt. 
This girl got into hunting eggs!  She was so cute running from egg to egg:)
My sweet three before church this morning.  My heart was so full singing Matt Redman's 10,000 Reasons this morning at church.  We have so much to be thankful for.  Holy Week is always so emotional for me thinking what Jesus endured for me so many years ago and that He is constantly working in my life now-even when I am not as a faithful to Him as He is to me. 
This afternoon after church we were blessed with some fun and fellowship with folks from our local Down Syndrome Family Group for our annual Easter Egg hunt.  Here is David with sweet Luke.  Our group started when Luke was a baby and he is seven now!  He is such a handsome dude. 
Kyle loves Angie so much!  This girl is always the life of the party! 
To really celebrate our clean scan last night with a few friends we went to the Drive In to see the new movie, Rio2.  Here are Hope and Sydney snuggled into the back of our car ready for the movie.  These girls had been to an egg hunt, play here at our house, and had a big day of fun!  They made it to the end of the movie and did not fall asleep:)
After all the fun of the weekend it will definitely be an early bedtime around here tonight.  Thank you dear friends for your love and support last week during scan week.  We are indeed blessed.

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