Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunshine, Preschool Sunday, and Ball

This weekend was full-full of sunshine, sweet preschoolers leading worship, and lots and lots and lots of baseball. Sadly David's first Nascar event had to be cancelled because he came down with strep throat and the weather was full of storms and rain. Sweet Pops and GG saved the day by inviting him to the spring VT football game this weekend with a bonus sleepover with them included. All was well in Dave's world.

This weekend was full of lots of baseball for Kyle and a Tball game for little Hope. Kyle played in three travel games and one little league game. He surely loves his baseball!
We work really hard to keep our fair children shaded so Hope wore this cute little sunhat this afternoon at the field.

This morning at church was Preschool Sunday! Most of the preschoolers came to sing some precious worship songs. It was such a wonderful Sunday to see all those little children that I love so much sing praise songs for Jesus. Here is the display that we placed in the front of the church. On each of their handprints, we put what they most loved about preschool:)

The preschoolers even helped take up the collection:) Here are Hope and Olivia:)

Hope was so excited to sing with her preschool friends that she made her brothers pose with her for some pictures. This one of her and David melts my heart.

This weekend was fun and full. I am so blessed that I have a job that includes teaching praise songs to kids and welcoming them to church to sing. I love watching my boy play some competitive baseball. I love seeing Hope get dressed for her lunchtime Tball game at 7 a.m. and my heart was so happy and thankful that David got to enjoy a special overnight trip with GG and Pops. I am a little sunburned and tired, but so thankful for the blessings in life.

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