Thursday, April 3, 2014

God's Not Dead!

Last week our whole family went to see God's Not Dead! It was an AMAZING movie and though some parts of it went over Hope and Dave's head, they enjoyed it as much as we did. I highly recommend this movie and if you need someone to sing the theme song to you by Newsboys, then we have got you covered. Hope and Dave love it!

I am so thankful that I love and serve a living God and that He is living on the inside and roaring like a lion. This week has had its fair share of drama and stress, but as always God has gotten us through and reminded us that he is alive and active in our lives. I just need to remember to slow down so I can see His handiwork.

During David's treatment I saw his handiwork everywhere because 1) I was desperate for him to sustain me. I was praying, reading the bible, and worshipping him with all that I had out of a desperate need for him. 2) My life was at a much calmer pace. Our only schedule was David's chemo and we were quiet and still a lot while he rested. My calendar was not book at all during those months except for clinic and chemo. With those two factors I could see Him so clearly. That time was the most stressful and scary time of my life, yet spiritually it was a mountaintop experience because I felt Him so strongly. I will never ever question His presence in my life again.

This week has been full of baseball for Hope and Kyle!

Hope wanted a picture of her new bunny "Rapunzel" to make an appearance on the blog, so meet the newest furry friend in our family.  She just HAD to have the tutu to go with it. 

Hope had her first Tball practice this week.  She was so excited to leave her dusty cleats outside on the front porch with Kyle's.  She is loving Tball.  Her team is full of cute girls and I am the head coach.  Well let me clarify, on paper I am the head coach but thankfully another mom has a clue about baseball and runs the show!  I am so thankful for her!!

Tonight Hope had a little scrimmage against the other four year old team.  Here she is in the dugout getting ready to hit!  I can barely stand the cuteness. 

Big girl up to bat!  It is so cute to see Mike help me coach all these little girls.  Hope was so excited tonight that her brothers had to come to the field to watch her practice.  Saturday is Little League opening day and she has her first official game this Saturday!!!  I love seeing her excited about a new activity.  She still loves her ballet but we can now add Tball to her list. 

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