Saturday, April 19, 2014

Servant Hearts and Family Fun!

This Holy week has been a busy one for sure.  School let our early for our spring break on Thursday, and we have been on the go since. 

 I love this sweet little easter craft that Hope did at preschool.  We read so many easter books about Jesus on the cross that these preschoolers understand the story.  I thought this sweet handprint craft with their hands as the sun and their fingers painting the three crosses was so sweet.  Pinterest helps me come up with some of the best crafts. 
 Thursday when I picked up the kids from school for their early dismissal, we went back to the church to help serve others in the monthly food pantry distribution.  I am desperate to teach my children how to serve others.  Hope was a hard worker and took up their tickets, David handed out bags with their easter dinner in it and Kyle and his friend, Riley loaded boxes in the cars for the people.  Here is Miss Priss taking up the tickets. 
Sweet David handing out the easter dinner bags and the big boys hauling boxes. 
Thursday night was a special Maundy Thursday service at church.  I should have brought more tissues.  It overwhelms me what Jesus endured for me.  Here is the awesome setup at church for the service to remind us the Jesus was the sacrificial lamb for us all.  His body was broken for us.  Mike and I heard something profound on the radio today-"the worst day in history and the best day in history were only three days apart."  How true!

To celebrate a clean scan and to have a fun family day we surprised the kids with a day trip to Carowinds on Friday. 
These two were so excited!!!
Dave rode the big and fast wooden roller coaster!!!  We were so proud of him. 
After the fast roller coaster he took it easy on the carousel with his sister:)
Because David was apart of the Charlie Brown Christmas play at church he and Hope have fallen in love with Peanut characters.  They are everywhere at Carowinds and they met them all but Woodstock:)
David's expression cracks me up in this because he is so embarrassed that I am taking their picture:)  They did get to rub Linus blanket.
Be still my heart....I love this picture of my growing boys.  Family days without a schedule are precious to us and I am so thankful we put household to-do lists aside and had fun as a family.  Our flower beds will not win any awards anytime soon and our deck needs to be stained again, but we had fun together as a family enjoying the moment.  Cancer sucks, but it has helped us with our priorities and this Good Friday they included laughter, roller coasters, and family fun. 
Tomorrow we celebrate Easter and the fact that Jesus is truly alive!  We have an early morning tomorrow as Hope and David are singing O Happy Day and 10,000 Reasons at church in the morning with the children's choir.  They are SO excited to sing thee songs at church with the praise band.  Happy Easter!

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