Thursday, September 25, 2014

Birthdays and Bald Babies

Today is my 39th birthday. This is the start of my last year in my 30's and frankly age does not bother me too much. I had a great day! There is nothing like sweet preschoolers walking into the classroom bearing flowers and cupcakes:) I had a wonderful and much needed lunch with my dear friends, and then cake and ice cream tonight at home after ballet. Good thing calories do not count on your special day! The worship team at church even sent me a special musical birthday message that made my whole day!

Today on the Today show, Hoda Kotb did a segment on childhood cancer and this song /video was shown. My heart can barely contain watching these precious brave children in this video. Thank you to all the awesome souls that sent me a link to this or posted it on my facebook page. Thank you that you continue to pray for our David and to show your love for our family.

This video is so amazing and it made me remember our own sweet, brave, bald, and awesome warrior.

I hated that he had to fight cancer, but I did love rubbing his soft and beautiful head. I would lay for hours in the hospital rubbing his head (when he was asleep) praying for him and whispering how brave he was and to keep fighting. Sadly children all over this world are fighting this beast called cancer and it is simply not fair. I praise God every. single. day that our David is with us. and that he is happy and healthy. David is a constant reminder to me that God never ever leaves us alone in the darkest moments of our life. He is faithful. Amen.

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