Sunday, September 21, 2014

Seeking Him

I love weekends.  Friday evening started out beautifully with me on the deck in my pj's watching a beautiful sunset while doing my Beth Moore Bible study homework.  I love quiet time like that.  In our crazy life, quiet time is a rare treat. 

It is a good thing I  had a lot of quiet time Friday night, because Saturday David and I headed to Virginia Tech with Pops, Clayton, Chad, and Hunter to cheer on our Hokies against Georgia Tech.  It was a beautiful sunny day-perfect for football.  Sadly the Hokies did not get the memo that they needed to play the entire 60 minutes and they lost on a field goal with two seconds to go.  Sigh. 

This picture of Pops holding David and Clayton's hands walking through the crowd gave me the biggest lump in my throat.  Pops is very protective of his boys in that crazy crowd and that was so sweet to see him being such a Poppa bear to the boys.  VT football to me is way more than just some college football players throwing a ball around-I grew up going to Hokie games, and now it is something that three generations of us enjoy.  It is really more about building special memories and having fun than a football game. 

David, Clayton, Hunter, and Pops getting ready to cheer on the Hokies!  The weather was so pretty but we had to slather the sunscreen on David. 

We were also blessed with a quick visit with David's favorite VT hoops player, Seth Allen.  We ran into several of the other players and it was amazing that they still remembered David.  We text often with Seth and David certainly loves him some Seth Allen! 

In the Fourth quarter VT scored a touchdown and Dave was so cute-he was shocked!  We are loyal VT fans even if they have lost two games in a row in the last minute.  Sigh.
Today has been full but awesome.  God is blessing me with some amazing women in my life through my circle at church and also through this bible study I am doing at another local church. We women need each other and for this season of my life I am surrounded by christian women who make me laugh, encourage me, and push me to serve God.  My circle at church met tonight at one of my friend's Kelly's home.  We planned a bible study via podcast and also a christmas service project. 
Today at church we had a moving service during our refuse to sink sermon series.  After the sermon time, we were welcome to come forward and receive an annointing of oil to remind us that we are whole in Christ.  It was very powerful and several amazing musicians sang this song while we were receiving our blessing and/or praying at the altar.  This song spoke to me so much today.

I want to sit at your feet
drink from the cup in your hands
lay back against you
and breathe
Feel your heartbeat.

Those lines give me goosebumps, because so often that is why I want to do to God.  I want to sit at his feet and just like my own children do to me, I want to lean back against God and feel Him.  Life is tough, life is stressful, and life is certainly complicated.  I am so thankful that because of God I am whole.  I certainly flawed, full of sinful tendencies and often spoiled brat, but I am fully seeking God because he is the only one who can make me whole.  Amen.

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