Tuesday, September 23, 2014


This week is truly been unbelievable in many ways.  It has been busy and a little bizarre but nonetheless, it has been amazing because I have seen and heard God. 

I know you cannot see God in this picture, but truly He was there.  Here is David not only sitting in a dental chair, but he is letting the dentist and Daddy take x-rays!!!  He has been complaining for two days of a bad headache.  Yesterday we visited the pediatrician to make sure he does not have an ailment like strep throat that would be making him feel bad.  The pediatrician said he had a pink throat and a few swollen lymph nodes, but nothing major.
Today the school called again saying that David is still complaining of a headache and that he has not been himself.  Mike and I take his complaints seriously because children with Down Syndrome have a high pain tolerance, so he if he complaining of something it truly does hurt.  So our new thought today was that he had a toothache because he has been messing with a certain tooth in his mouth. 
I will be honest and say that our sweet and amazing local dentist agreed to see David today, and I was dreading it.  I knew David with his sensory issues, would be not the most complaint patient and it would be an ordeal.  In the past even putting on the paper napkin around his neck was high drama. 
Well today, God was with us, because he jumped up into the dental chair, and stated "hey Bill what's up?!" I was stunned because he was the most compliant patient ever.  He let Dr. Bill Thompson look in his mouth and he even let them do an xray!!!  We were floored and so proud of David.  Only God could have helped us get a good look at this problem tooth and sure enough an adult tooth is trying to come in on top of a baby tooth that has not fallen out yet.  David feels a little presure according to Dr. Bill.  I know that a trip to the dentist should not require God intervention, but with David it does and God met us at Dr. Bill's office today. 
Laying in bed last night the verse from Joshua 24:15 rang in my head over and over again. " But as for me and my household we will serve the Lord."  It was so strong in my head that I even posted it on facebook because my phone was right next to me in bed. 
I came into work this morning and was talking with my dear friend, Misty, about this verse. She had seen my facebook post last night and we were talking about how crucial this verse is.  It is so tempting so allow our households to follow so many other "Gods" and that I felt like God was speaking this to me to remind me that He is a jealous God and wants our full devotion.  Later after a somewhat brutal day at preschool, we went to lunch together as is our normal custom.  While chatting and eating chips and salsa at our favorite mexican restaurant, her husband had texted her this amazing devotional from one of his male buddies about the same exact premise with that exact verse in it.
We were speechless that between the amazing service at church Sunday, Joshua 24:15 screaming in my head last night, and then the devotional from Misty's husband spoke volumes to us today.  We sat at our favorite Mexican restaurant speechless that God has over and over and over again reminded us of His desired place in our lives.  Nothing can or should fill the God-sized hole in our hearts but Him. 

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