Sunday, September 14, 2014

Life Lessons on the Diamond and Oma

The weekend started out very hectically Friday morning when both David and Hope had picture day.  I posted on facebook Friday morning that fellow mothers of little girls had failed to warn me how DRAMATIC school picture day is with a girl!  It has always been a breeze with boys, but Friday, we went through several dresses before we could agree. 
The final product!  David wanted to rock the shirt and tie of course, and this was the dress that fit the dress code for school and that we could both agree on. 
This weekend we watched a lot of Riverdogs baseball.  Yall know that baseball is not my favorite sport, but I love our  Riverdog family.  Some amazing moments happened at the field this past weekend.

Early this fall ball season, our boys won a championship!  David had been in the dugout with the boys all weekend being apart of the team in the best way that he could.  When the team won the championship, the first trophy presented was to David by the head of the BPA association.  He is the guy in the white shirt in this picture.  He shared with a friend of mine this past weekend that he has put together a lot of tournaments this year and presenting this trophy to David was the most fun he has had at the park all summer.  This picture is actually his screen saver on his computer. 

Sometimes we get jaded by vocal and negative people, or distracted by extended family drama, or life sometimes just gets hard.  Then you hear that your child has touched someone and impacted them and you realize that there are some amazing folks in this world.   There are some amazing and big-hearted folks in our neck of the woods and I am so thankful that David often finds them:)

At the ballpark last night a guy from the opposing team got hit in the hand by a ball.  It had to have hurt this kid and we all felt sorry for him.  Because they had just the exact amount of players needed to play without forfeiting, this kid had to bat again later in the game when the game was tied.  Bless him, he was trying to bat one handed to avoid getting an out for his team.  Our coach watched him try to hit and he stopped the game.  He said that no child should have to come up to bat hurt and that they could skip him in the batting order without forfeiting an out.  The game was tied at this point and it impressed us all that our coach saw that winning was secondary to this kid.  I know our team saw this kid's relief when he got to go back to the dugout and it was a proud moment for us all.  Men of integrity are the kind of men I want coaching my son. 
I also had another proud moment at the field watching my son.  This morning we had to be at the field very early for a game.  Kyle woke up with an upset stomach.  I thought it would get better by game time, but sadly he got sicker and sicker throughout the morning.  He spent all of warmups in the bathroom and he chugged Malox and chewed on tums.  He was so sick it broke my heart.  But because he was in the batting order he had to bat.  He did not play in the field at all, but he had to bat.  This is how pitiful he looked coming up to bat.  My heart broke knowing he was sick and was worried to get on base and be unable to get to a bathroom, but amazingly he stuck it out and got on base.  I was proud that he gave it his all despite being very sick. 
I love that we all learn so many awesome life lessons at the ballpark.  I love that God used baseball to teach integrity, perserverance, compassion, and that winning is secondary to doing the right thing.  It was a great weekend at the field. 
After getting home from the ballpark and resting a little (or in my case taking a two hour nap) we went to Hungry Mother with Oma for a little playtime.  It was a beautiful fall day today and it was fun to watch Hope and David play and to show off to Oma our local state park. 

Mike, his Mom, and our kiddos.  She is here through Tuesday and I think our family schedule has probably worn her out!  Ha! I keep joking that she is going to need a vacation from her vacation in Virginia. 

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