Thursday, September 11, 2014

Busy Week

This week has been full - Mike's Mom is here visiting with us from Texas, I have started a new bible study that has intensive homework, and afterschool started at church this week.  It has been busy but blessed.

I just started a new bible study with a group of ladies at a nearby church.  I think this is my 8th Beth Moore bible study that I have done in the last 13 years.  Hearing Beth's voice on these videos instantly brings me back to the sweet little fellowship hall at Beth Carr Baptist Church many years ago in Madison County.  I love being in this intense of a bible study even if it is a challenge to get the homework done each week.  It is hard, but oh so worth it. 
I know that God used those many Wednesday night bible studies all those years ago to prepare me for David's cancer.  I learned and grew so much in my years as a young wife and new Momma and the fellowship with those other ladies and the truths of God's word built me into a better christian, wife, and mother.  Those were precious years to me.

Fast forward thirteen years later and that same baby that I used to nurse during my first Beth Moore bible study is now in youth group at church!  Our afterschool program for kids and youth started this past Wednesday.  It was awesome to see those kids again and to start our new curriculum.  It teaches God's word based on candy.  Afternoons at FUMC are sacred to me.  I love this program and love serving in this ministry.  I also love that my three kids are in church every Wednesday afternoon. 

We are also spending quality time with Mike's Mom who is here visiting us from Texas.  She has not been here in two years and we have toted here around to all the kids activities so she can see them in action.  She also had a birthday her first day here, so we had a little birthday celebration for her.
She makes these chocolate chip brownie pillow cookies that my kids adore!  They started making them tonight and they will finish them tomorrow afternoon.  Cathy is a great cook and we always have fun chatting over recipes and experimenting in the kitchen while she is here.

This weekend we have Cathy's schedule full of soccer, baseball, church, and more baseball!  She will need a vacation from her vacation when she leaves here! 

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