Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Weekend 2014

This weekend was pretty amazing.  It started early for me on Friday with a day out shopping and having a leisurely lunch with two dear friends.  It was a wonderful girls day out and I loved it. 

Saturday was the the first home Virginia Tech football game!!  It was a fun day at Lane Stadium with Pops and my boys.  Hope and her Daddy stayed home and got some home projects done and I had a blast with my boys. 

When we got into the stadium I tried to take a picture of the boys, but Dave was not feeling very photogenic!  Ha!  There is no one in that place that loves it more than David.  He loves the Hokies and he cheered every cheer and watched every play.  He loved it.  I love that VT sports is the thing that I do with my boys and Pops.  Mike loved having a day at home with Hope watching football catching up around here and I loved cheering on the Hokies. 

Before the team comes out, one side of the crowd yells "lets go" and the other side yells "Hokies!" Here are Dave and Pops yelling with all their might.  David and Pops have a special bond for sure, and I love days in Blacksburg with this crew.

Jumping during Enter Sandman!  It got me a little teary thanking God that a healthy David was at a game and having  a blast.  I remember the day after he was diagnosed with cancer, we tried to waqtch a Thursday night game in our hospital room and we didn't even have the heart to cheer.  What a difference three years makes!  Praise God!
Sunday after church, we headed to the Williams Farm for their annual Labor Day party.  It was such fun!

They build a hay loft with slides for the kids to play in.  Here is Hope with some of her friends enjoying a snow cone.  They host a huge potluck meal with everyone contibuting side dishes and desserts and the family grills chicken, hamburgers, and hot dogs.  Yummy food set on a beautiful farm on the last weekend of the summer-pretty cool!

Thankfully David just sat on this four-wheeler for a quick photo op, he could not sweet talk anyone into giving him a key!  What a beautiful scene with the mountains in the background.  Southwest Virginia is certainly blessed with breath-taking beauty everywhere. 
After the big meal, everyone loaded up on these two wagons for a hayride out to the amazing and huge tree house.  A hayride in the dark was pretty cool for all the kids, but I did worry about losing David on the short hike up to the tree house!  I should have put a glow stick around his neck.  He was so excited that he was hard to keep up with.  Thank you Williams for welcoming us out to your farm-what a fun night that certainly left a ring around the bathtub.

Today on Labor Day we were catching up around the house and we decided to visit the pool one last time before it closed for the summer:(  With Steven Dimit's help, David FINALLY jumped off of the board!!  He was so excited and proud of himself.  Poor Steven burned a bazillion calories treading water waiting patiently for David to get the guts up to finally jump!  What a fun way to end the summer.
Summer of 2014 you have been a blessing.  I am sad that you are over, but I am kind of excited about Hokies football which will lead to Hokie basketball (woot woot), pumpkins everything, and gorgeous leaves changing colors. 

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