Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mike's parenting a Girl, and The Weekend

I love fall weekends because there is much fun to be had, but I am sure exhausted tonight. 

Our fun started Friday night with two of our local high schools playing each other.  It was a beautiful night for football and it was fun to see folks and cheer the teams on.  David found sweet Morgan and wanted his picture with her! 
Amber's high school alma mater was one of the teams playing and she sat with David at his special seat on the track for some of the game.  This picture melts my heart. 
Saturday David was blessed with a chance to go with Pops to the VT football game!  He loves it so much and he had a blast with his BFF, Pops.  I took Kyle to East TN for his baseball tournament Saturday and spent a beautiful day at the ballpark cheering on my oldest.  Mike and Hope had a Daddy/Daughter day together. 
Sadly today we had to head to Radford for a funeral for a dear lady, Marie after church.  Since David's cancer, she has faithfully sent him cards of encouragement and she would always sign them, your friend, Marie.  She died very suddenly last week while on a beach trip.  David wanted to dress like Pops and Daddy for the funeral.
Before the funeral we had time to visit with Memaw in the nursing home.  She was having a good day:)
We also were able to visit with my other grandma who lives in an apartment. 
Mike and I have been talking lately about focusing our little family on what is truly important in this life.  Our walk with the Lord and our children's growing faith is a priority to us.  There are so many things/activities that can get in the way of families growing in their faith.  We have talked this week about as our schedules get busier and busier to remember Joshua 24:15 that strongly proclaims that "but as for me and my household we will serve the  Lord." 
There are so many distractions that compete with families for their attention and we are trying so hard to cling to God so when hard times come we will refuse to sink.  We have such hope and faith in our God and we refuse to start down a slippery slope of apathy towards God and His church, and focusing our priorities away from eternal treasures. 
Saturday Mike was channel surfing and came across this video on TV.  He was so touched by it, that he made Hope Madeline watch it.  They watched it together online while I was gone.  I was floored by it when he made me watch it tonight.  It is so powerful and every.single.woman and girl needs to watch it.  When the speaker mentioned the specific women of the bible I had cold chills.  Seriously, this is a must watch.

It touched me to think of my hubbie with our little girl on his lap watching this empowering video about who she is because of who God is.  I am married to a good man because this touched him enough to show it to our daughter and to me.  This video will be the four best minutes of your day-seriously watch it and let me know what you think!

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