Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Beautiful day at Wake Forest

Last year we got to experience a special game day experience at UVA called Special Spectators. It is an amazing non-profit group that offers seriously ill children a gameday experience. When we got to do experience Special Spectators at UVA, we visited the locker room, got to go on the field, etc... After seeing the joy from my children I knew that we as a family had to get involved. You can read about our day here:

After our experience at UVA with Special Spectators we were able to host other families at Virginia Tech. Read about that amazing day here

Today our family got to host four other families at nearby Wake Forest University for a wonderful day with children from Brenner's Children Hospital with serious medical issues. We left Marion before 7a.m. to get to our tailgate spot to meet our families.  It was a gorgeous day in Winstson-Salem and the kids with our group could have cared less that Wake Forest lost-they had a great day!!

Our first stop was for the Deacon walk.  Hope jumped up into her big brother's arms because she was scared of the Deacon mascot!  Ha!

Here are several of our families that we met today and got to spend a whole day with.  These families were amazing and so grateful for such a special day.  Red, Hot and Blue catered our tailgate and it was awesome kid-friendly food. 

The boys in our group were so excited when the team bus pulled up and the football players got off of the bus.  The band, cheerleaders, and fans line the walk that they walk through.  A Wake Forest official was so kind to make sure our kiddos got a good spot to see the team. 
Several of our families watching the team walk in. 

This was one of my favorite moments of the day.  The head football coach was walking in with the players.  He did not speak to any other fans, but he came right up to Joshua and spoke to him and loved on him a little bit.  It was precious and very sincere.  Well done coach! 

After the pep rally and Deacon walk, Wake Forest had several inflatables and such for the kids.  The boys in our group loved this inflatable football toss.  What fun!

Hope was petrified of the Deacon, but not David!  Ha!

This is Mike with Jace.  I looked down and saw my man holding a two year old so he could get a better view during the opening of the game, and I realized that God had given me a good man.  We both had a wonderful time with the kids and the families.  Jace and his brother J-mee are leaving Winston Salem next week to move to Florida so their Daddy can train for the 2016 Olympics!  Jace and his brother J-mee will be on our hearts for a long time.  Precious boys.

All the kids in our group loved the President of Wake Forest and the Deacon riding into the game on a motorcycle!  The stadium at Wake Forest is beautiful!!
What a wonderful day hosting and meeting families from Brenner's Children's Hospital.  As a Mom of a child that fought cancer and has special needs, I find kindred spirits when I volunteer with this amazing organizaiton.  It is our pleasure to help give other families a wonderful college game day experience like what we experienced at UVA.  We are all tired and a little sunburned, but our hearts are full!  Thanks Special Spectators for another wonderful day.

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