Wednesday, October 22, 2014

God shows up and shows off

Yesterday was an awesome day.  I taught preschool, Mike went to work, the kids went to school and on the outside life looked pretty mundane.

But yesterday God showed off in a pretty big way.  I have been praying very hard for an acquaintance and yesterday out of the blue this sweet gal approached me and we had the best chat about her relationship with God.  She had no idea that I had been praying for her and her family and out of the blue and right there on an ordinary Tuesday we chatted about God.  Pretty remarkable stuff. 

I found this picture on my phone from our Winston-Salem trip this past weekend.  Hilarious! 

Another picture from our trip?  Where is my little girl??  She looks so grown up in this picture. 
Okay, back to my God shows off in an amazing way on an ordinary Tuesday story.  David has in the past had major sensory issues from his neck up.  He has hated anything that has had to do with his face, hair and neck like teeth brushing, hair cutting and combing, face washing, etc...
Just a week ago he conquered the haircut issue and for the first time in his life got a real haircut at a barber shop!! We were so excited and so proud of our dude.  He is so proud of how much of a big boy he is, that he now insists to wear layers of deodorant a day.  Ha!

Yesterday on a normal Tuesday, God was with us at the dentist with David and he allowed his teeth to be cleaned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He loves Dr. Bill (Dr. Bill Thompson in Chilhowie for local folks) and he allowed Alice to clean his teeth, do a flouride treatment, and do a panoramic xray!  I love this picture because not only can you see how awesome he is doing, but check out Mike holding his hand.  My heart can barely contain the joy.....

During the cleaning, Mike and I kept grabbing each other's hand in shock and excitement that our David, who has fought us some on simple teeth brushing, was letting Dr. Bill and Alice get in his mouth!  It must be all that manly deodorant he is putting on, but our David is growing up!  We are so proud of him.

Here he is doing the panoramic xray!!  Mind blowing stuff that only our God could have accomplished on a boring Tuesday. 
Not only did he walk out with sparkling clean teeth, but Dr. Bill reported that David only has one tiny little cavity on the backside of a tooth.  It is a baby tooth so we may or may not have to have it filled.  David is going to go to the orthodontist for a consult for some teeth alignment issues.  Considering how much chemo David has had, how many mouth sores during chemo that kept us from brushing for weeks at a time while in the hospital, and how long it has been since a good cleaning, it is a miracle from God that he only has one teeny little cavity.  I wanted to shout praises from the rooftop when I left the dentist yesterday.  Only our God could have calmed David's sensory issues, blessed us with Dr. Bill and Alice, and protected David's teeth during cancer treatment. 
Yep, only our God would show off and bless us on a normal and boring Tuesday.  Amen.

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