Sunday, October 26, 2014


October is one of my favorite months out of the whole year.  In the last few days we have packed so much fall fun in.

Wednesday with our afterschool program at church, we visited the Conner's pumpkin patch.  They are so gracious and allow all of our preschool classes and afterschool program kiddos to visit their pumpkin patch.  Here is my sweet little pumpkin in the patch!

Thursday night I had a special time with Pops, Kyle and his good friend Tanner.  We went to the Va Tech/Miami game!  Lets don't talk about the final score and the fact that Tech kind of stunk it up, lets instead talk about how much fun it was to hang out with Kyle, my Dad and Tanner at the game:) Poor Hokies, I love them even when they break my heart. I love that Tech games are special times with my own Dad and my boys. 

Pre-game festivities.  We cheered our hearts out for them! 
Saturday morning Hope had her last soccer game.  It was chilly but this little love has loved Upward soccer season!

My pictures are out of order, but tonight at church we had a community outreach event with a worship service, hot dog dinner, and trunk or treat based on the book Where the Wild Things are by Maurice Sendak. Our preschool staff did a trunk based on Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin! Here are Hope and Sydney in front of our amazing trunk that Christy Barr did! She is amazingly crafty.

My sweet three before church this morning.
This year David desperately wanted to be a ninja so we got on Pinterest and found an easy to make ninja costume using a roaster pan! We painted the pan, made a felt mask, and then tied it on his back for the turtle shell:) Thanks Pinterest-we had fun making it and the total costume was about $2.

Hope wanted to be Sophia the first which we already had a costume for, and David as a ninja! They were so excited to go to church tonight in their costumes:)

The night started with worship with a packed house. There were almost 350 folks at church for worship-it was beautiful chaos with kids in costumes worshipping. David of course had his normal seat on the front row! We are blessed with an amazing praise band at church.

Amber not only came tonight but she herself dressed as a ninja turtle. God has certaily brought some amazing people into David's life. We are blessed.

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