Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Special Games Day 2014

Today is a beautiful day here in Virginia.  The leaves are gorgeous, the sun is shining, and today was Special Games day here for our county. 

Special Games is a day set aside each school year to celebrate all the awesome children in our school system that are "differently-abled."  David has been participating in this since he was two and he loves to compete. 

This morning it hit me how far the educational system has come for children with disabilities.  Decades ago children with special needs were shipped off to institutions never to grace the front door of a public school system.  Today not only are our kids welcomed with open arms into our schools but they are thriving. 

Here is David with his Special Ed teacher, Mr Shirey.  We have hands down one of the best special education programs in Virginia.  Smyth County is blessed with amazing special ed teachers and aides who make sure that each and every child succeeds.  These teachers are the unsung heroes of our school system.  Susan Kilby, a dear friend, organizes this day each and every year.  She rocks!

Amber is doing her observation hours at David's school for her education degree and she was there with some of her students.  David was so happy to see her! 

Sadly, last week a sweet little boy with special needs who attended David's school, passed away.  Lots of folks were sporting these Team Logan buttons.  Thankfully because of Jesus Logan is now happy and whole in heaven.  Red balloons were also released for him today. 

David Woody, FUMC pastor did the opening prayer for the day.  Mike is also in this picture cheering on our boy. 

David and the awesome Angie!!!!!!!!!!  Love this girl.

High school seniors come and volunteer with for Special Games each year.  Here is David with Riley Blevins.  He told him to score many touchdowns this Friday night.

David running!  Check out that determination all over his face.  Run, baby run!!

This might be the funniest part of the whole day.  David ran the 25 yard dash and came running back to his teacher.  He then fell on the ground with a terrible "cramp" and ask Mr. Shirey to help him.  Clearly we have watched way too much ESPN and sports in this house that he knows anything about leg cramps!  Ha! He is a dramatic nut.  Hollywood really needs David. 
Overall it was a wonderful day celebrating the amazing children in our school system that are "fearfully and wonderfully made."  Thank you God for our David and the blessings that he brings to our family.  Amen.

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