Sunday, October 12, 2014

Week in a Flash

Where did this week go?  It went in a flash with a few moments captured on my camera:)

Tuesday Kyle was inducted into his middle school Honors Club because of his straight A's last year, SOL scores, and good citizenship.  Dressing up a little and being on stage, and having his name called is not his favorite thing, but we were there to cheer him on. 
 We were trying to take a serious picture, but this is what we came up with!  Ha!  I love my oldest and I am so thankful that he is comfortable marching to the beat of his own drum. 
 One of my previous preschool parents blessed me this week with this handcrafted bracelet with the words from the David Crowder Band "How He loves Us" which is so special to our family.  I love it so very much.  Brandi Dimit is crazy talented!!
 Yesterday I spent many hours with my Mom and dear friend Misty playing Bingo for Sabika jewelry.   After three hours of bingo, laughing over our daughters, and forced clapping for other women who yelled bingo when we were one number away, I did come away with one pretty pair of earrings.  I am very competitive and bingo for beautiful jewelry brought it out in me! 
 Mike was out of town for several days this week for work stuff, and I can tell that our kids are growing up because his absence was hard but it is getting easier now that we do not have babies and or toddlers in the house.  We limped through his absence and Friday night we went to the movies to see Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day at the theatres while we waited on him to come home.  Our kids are growing up and a night out on the town with just them is precious to me.
 Yesterday, Kyle hitched a ride to Concord College with the Pugh boys to watch Ethan Richardson, a former MSHS football player playing college football.  Kyle had such a fun day and Ethan even caused a fumble!  We are proud of you Ethan and thanks to the Pughs for letting Kyle tag along. 
Oh my these two before church this morning.  As most of you know, David has major sensory issues and haircuts have been a disaster the last decade of his life.  I have resorted to cutting it at night while he was asleep.  Blessedly the shaggy look has worked for David:)  Saturday morning Mike and Kyle went to the barber shop and I am not sure what went down, but David willingly jumped in the barber's chair and got. a. haircut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is huge for our family and for David.  Our little buddy is growing up.  His insistence to dress like he wants (new outfit pictured above), his new obsession with wearing manly deodorant, and now a trip to the barber shop prove that he is growing up and maturing.  We are overwhelmed but so thankful. 
We are thankful for busy weeks but oh so thankful for quiet weekends like this where we can relax and recharge here together.  God is good. After a powerful worship service this morning at church and a fun gathering later with my UMW women's circle later,   I am also so thankful for church and the women that I am surrounded by at church.  Life is not easy ever, but life is good because God is good.

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