Sunday, October 5, 2014

Robusto boy and get to church!

We have certainly had a fun weekend around here. We were suppose to be off camping together as a family, but sadly that plan fell through. Friday night I loaded up with Hope, David, and Amber on a serious mission to find some warm clothes for our kids. We laugh so hard at David now because he has gone from looking like a sick cancer kid, to a healthy and "robust" dude. He is now in size 10 HUSKY!!

I warned Amber about how hard it would be to take David shopping because he must try the clothes on. People with Down Syndrome have a hard time finding clothes to fit shorter limbs and thicker waists and I knew we had our work cut out for us. I promised the kids that if they cooperated and tried on everything then we would call our dear friends the Jonas' and see if they could meet us as Sweet Frog.

We took Misty and Sydney along with us and bless their hearts for agreeing to go on this mission with us. It was totally different than any of us ever expected, though. David adored picking out clothes and he was thrilled to try every stitch of it on and model it for Hope and Sydney.

You can see from this picture that Sydney was more interested in coloring than admiring David's new wardrobe, but this is the style that David wanted. We ended up having a total blast, running into our dear friends the Jonas and we ended our fun with Sweet Frogs.

Saturday morning Hope had soccer and I was asked to do the devotional for the parents at half time. I do not get nervous anymore to speak publically and I shared a few minutes about Luke 12:34 "for where your treasure is there your heart will be also."

I shared how God loves us just like we love those soccer players running around the field. It is hard to get to soccer and get those blasted shin guards on with the cleats by 8:50 each Saturday morning. I challenged us all to put the energy and effort that we used to get to an early soccer game on a cold, windy morning into our children's walk with the Lord.

My generation of raising children are so tempted by so many outside factors that compete with our devotion to God and our church attendance. When I was growing up (oh goodness this makes me sound old) there was nothing to do on Sunday but to go to church. Now, there is a list a mile long of things better to do on a Sunday morning than attend church and worship our Lord.

After doing my five minute devotional during soccer yesterday, a friend shared this tweet with me tonight that he found on twitter that I thought was so timely to what has been troubling my heart. "Even if God appeared and said "Dude, I am real and you need to go to church today," I would still be like yeah, it's been a long week."

Jesus endured a painful death on the cross so that we can live forever with him. Sadly many of us are so apathetic that we cannot even roll over in bed on a Sunday morning to get into his house to worship Him. I challenge us all to move God up to the top of our totem pole-he is a jealous God and wants our full hearts and lives. He has proven His faithfulness to me from taking my sick and skinny cancer boy and turning him into a robust, size ten husky!

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