Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015 and This Week

I love Easter so very much!  Christmas is awesome as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, but frankly Christmas is a month-long celebration that tends to wear a Momma out.  To me, Easter is the foundation of our faith in Christ.  He overcame the grave as a way to save us from our sins and to make a way to be with us forever.  That is truly amazing love.

Saturday  I took two sweet little girls, Hope and Sydney to the church Easter egg hunt.  It was sunny but very chilly, and they had a blast hunting eggs:)

These girls are hilarious together and I am so thankful for their sweet friendship.  God has certainly blessed our family with some great friends to do life with.  Before heading to the egg hunt, we had to stop at Walmart to buy a few personal items for me, and that was a riot with these two!  :)

Mike and I have never gotten into the Easter basket thing too much.  Hope wanted the movie Annie so we did get that, but we really have only done a few little things like candy, snacks, and a few school supplies that they may need. 

After Easter basket time, it is rush time to get to church by 9:00 so Hope and David could play handbells during church.  Kyle also had to run the projector for the early service.  Hope was SO excited to take flowers to the church to decorate the cross.  Adding beautiful and real flowers to the cross Easter morning is one of my most favorite things in the church ever.  To come into the Easter service to a plain cross and then leaving the Easter service  with a cross full of beautiful flowers takes my breath away.  It is a wonderful visual that our Jesus is no longer dead, we serve a living and risen Savior!!

I got teary watching David play the handbells.  They played Christ the Lord is Risen Today on the color-coded handbells and David was so precious concentrating so hard on his color.  I worried he would ring it the whole time, but he did not!! He waited patiently for the orange card to be held up! 

My sweet girl took her role seriously as well!  I love that sweet little face:)

Hope is putting her flowers on the cross.  We put some yellow daffodils out of our yard for Memaw who also loved this tradition of adding flowers to the cross.  We added some pink flowers for Susan Kilby and her sweet Momma who is currently in the nursing home and having a rough time. 

Simply gorgeous!

Daivd had a case of the sillies yesterday and it really was difficult to get a decent picture with all three.  He is a nut for sure, but we finally did sort of get this one!  Happy Easter!
This week is an intense week here in our household.  Friday is David's next scan.  I wish I could say these get easier, but they really do not.  It is a blessing that now he does not have to be sedated for them and that helps some, but waiting for those results is painful. 
Mike and I also have another important meeting this week as well that we could use your prayers for.  We thankfully trust in God's plan for our family no matter what the outcome will be.  God has held us in the palm of his hand since we said "I Do" back in 1999 and I know that if he has helped us navigate a special needs child, cancer, and a stressful job for Mike, he can handle this meeting and a scan for David.  Without Jesus I would be fretting, but it is a beautiful thing to be able to bring your fears and worires to a living Savior and lay them at his feet.  Amen.

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