Sunday, April 19, 2015

Happy and Blessed Tired

It is after dinner Sunday evening and this Momma is tired.  Really tired.  Tired because our weekend has been full of love, laughter, joy, and blessings.  There was one sad part of the weekend that I am not ready to process yet, but that will come later.  Life can be hard and so disappointing.  But life can also bless you with more joy and love that you heart can handle.  I have certainly experienced that this weekend.

Friday evening started with a fun night at church for an indoor "drive in" movie night with pizza and the movie Big Hero 6.  The kids could decorate a box to be their "car" and look at these cuties in their car!  I love so much that church is such a big part of my kiddos lives, including their social lives. I also love that they have Christian friends and that church offers so much fun and learning for our kids.

I still have a smile on my face thinking about our first Challenger baseball game that happened Saturday after months of praying, planning, prepping, and organizing.  Folks have attached my name to this project, but it has been all God.  I had to hold back tears all day long Saturday watching over 20 special needs kids take the field to play ball.  This ball player was dressed and ready by 8 a.m. Saturday for his noon game.  If you need a blessing in your life, come to the Marion Little League field on Saturday at noon to see some of the most amazing kids play ball.  Only God could have raised this money, upgraded our facilities for handicap accessibility, brought us the players, and sent us angels disguised as volunteers.  My heart could not handle the smiles and joy.

Sunglass selfies before heading to the ball field! 

Not only did our David love playing ball, but I got to watch my 13 year old be a buddy and that was such a blessing as well.  I could still tear up thinking of both of my boys on the field playing very different roles.  It was inspiring to see so many middle and high school students excited to be apart of this program!  

After our first Challenger game, Mike stayed at the field for Hope's Tball game, but I loaded up these awesome guys for a road trip to Pigeon Forge to watch the Tennessee Smokies play baseball.  Their travel team got to participate in the Field of Dreams program where they got to go out on the field with the players for National Anthem. Our first stop was the beef jerky outlet! 

Our 10u and 13u Riverdog players lining up to go into the stadium. 

Our players on the field with some of the Smokies players.  Kyle is on the right with the right fielder:)

I had such a fun night with a group of crazy thirteen year old boys-I love seeing this smile on my boys face.  We did not get home until close to 1 a.m.-this Momma is so ready for bed tonight!! All three kiddos needed baths or showers this morning before 10:00 church but we made it.  We still had wet hair walking into worship, but we were there! It was a fun night with my oldest and totally worth it!

After church this afternoon the youth group had a very cool activity called The Amazing Race.  It is similar to the TV show where they had to follow clues to destinations around town to solve the scripture clues.  I did not drive Kyle's team, I was a driver for another group!  At church I typically volunteer with children's ministry so it is a treat to hang out with Kyle and the youth.  At one of the destinations they had to make cards for the shut-ins using bible verses.  I love seeing teenage boys hovering over bibles copying down scripture.   

Kyle's group chose John 3:16 for their scripture. The scripture had to be accurate, neatly written, with a personalized message!  What a great activity for one of the stops.  What a fun way to cap off a wonderful weekend. 

I am counting the minutes until bedtime after our crazy weekend but I am going to bed tonight thankful for the joy, love, and laughter God has blessed us with this weekend.  I am a tired but such a blessed Momma!

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