Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hit the Wall

I have always used this little sacred corner of the world to be real, to share my faith, and to hopefully encourage another Momma out there to keep on keeping on in this hard but amazing world of motherhood.  We cannot do this without Jesus and tonight I am clinging to the One who can give Peace beyond understanding. 

This week has been an unusual one for this family.  We were off Monday for Spring break which we spent catching up at work for Mike, preschool for me, and our house.  We love feeling productive and organized:)  Monday evening my parents came down to help with the children because Mike and I had to leave early Tuesday morning for a day-long interview at a local community college. 

I have not shared this news here on the blog or on social media but Mike was chosen to be a finalist for the President of Wytheville Community College.  Each of the four finalists had an entire day at the college this week with several interview sessions, a public forum, tours of the college, local tours for me, and a chance to meet the folks that work at the college.

I would be lying if I said I was not scared to death!  Preschool teachers typically do not have an extensive professional wardrobe, so I got to buy a new outfit, cool new shoes, and many pairs of pantyhose!  The day was long and exhausting for me, but we came away with a total appreciation for the gem that is our local community college.  The campus is beautiful, the people were genuine and friendly, and we came away thankful for the opportunity. 

I, of course, was so proud of Mike.  During the public forum he presented his presentation and then the crowd could ask questions.  I sat in awe of how Mike handled himself  professionally.  Educational leadership is his spiritual gift and passion, and that came shining through.  We did not speak the entire thirty minute ride to the college early Tuesday morning.  We sat in silence in the car listening to Randy Frazee (co-pastor with Max Lucado from Oak Hills Church) preach on the subject of leading like Jesus.  It was perfect before a day long interview:)  We are both at peace over this decision-we have prayed for months that God will lead us where He wants us to go.  We were ourselves during our day long interview, we prayed extensively about it, and we rest in the knowledge that it is truly in God's hands.  Blessedly Mike has a job now that he loves, so we have total peace that God will guide us.

This is also scan week for David which is a huge emotional burden that Mike and I have carried around this week.  Once again God is in control. He carried us during cancer treatment, he can certainly handle a little IV for David and a chest and abdomen CT.  We will update as soon as we hear from the oncologist with the results.  We are so thankful for same day results!!!

On another note, I have been suffering from extensive poison ivy on my face this week, which required a trip to the doctor for me today with two steroid shots.  With the emotions of the week and extra steroids in me tonight on the eve of David's scan, Momma is feeling the heat.  David is also feeling punky tonight with a head cold.  This momma has hit the wall tonight emotionally.  Thank goodness we serve the Prince of Peace! 

Lastly, this week I took David and Hope to the eye doctor for their yearly exams.  Both of those cuties are far-sighted and Hope's eyes are now requiring her to wear her glasses full time to prevent a lazy eye.  David's prescription has amazingly improved but he is still in bifocals and without them he is cross-eyed. 

This week has reminded me that we never know where our paths will take us.  When Mike and I said "I do" fifteen years ago I never dreamed we would parent a special needs child, endure cancer treatments for our cutie, deal with vision issues, food allergies, and asthma!  Our last fifteen years have not been boring at all, we are just thankful on this amazing ride called life that our Prince of Peace has been with us each step of the way.  On nights like this, I am so thankful that He always has a listening ear for me. 

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