Saturday, May 9, 2015

Little girl fun and Craziness of May

This has been a wonderful but busy last few days.  During the month of May our calendar is incredibly full with school events, SOL tests, sports stuff, and work events for Mike.  That man has been going full throttle, I am not sure how he is even still standing!
Today we spent some time watching our oldest play tennis in a local round robin match play.  He did not play his best tennis today but he is still learning.  I love watching him play tennis even if it is hard to keep up with the points because he talks to quietly! 
Today was another Challenger baseball game and each week it just keeps getting better.  I love these kids, I love these volunteers, and it is the best baseball fun I have ever had.  Each week I have to work hard to hold back happy tears as I cheer on these amazing ball players.  We continue to add players to our league and it is really growing!  Blessedly God also continues to send us volunteers.  Our sassy ball player sang the National Anthem today for the game! 
Yesterday Hope and I took a little road trip with our dear friends, Misty and Sydney to the American Girl store in Charlotte.  Sydney has a birthday this month and Hope's is coming up mid-June so for a girly birthday treat, we visited the store and let them pick our their big girl doll and we also had reservations at the Bistro for dinner.  It was precious time with our girls.  Misty and I are both Moms of girls after two boys and we treasure our girl time!  Here is Hope pouring her own pink lemonade during dinner. 
Hope chose Grace Thomas as her doll to buy and Sydney did as well.  I have to admit that I have been reluctant to jump on the American Girl bandwagon because it is crazy expensive.  Working the food pantry has changed my mentality on money and being a wise steward of what God has blessed us with.  I never want to live a lifestyle that is not pleasing to God financially.  This was, however, a rare treat for our birthday girls and it was such fun to have a girly day:)

It was hard to get these girls to slow down and let me take a quick picture before heading into the store to pick out their dolls!  These two girls are such special friends and I am so thankful that Misty and Sydney are in our lives.  We have such fun together laughing at our crazy girls! We got home so very late last night and our girls were so tired they were silly. Making  memories with friends is what makes life so sweet.
Before our American Girl roadtrip, Misty and I, along with Christy our other teacher, hosted the Mother's day tea at preschool for our four year olds and their special person/Mommy.  It is a lot of work but it is a tradition that we love doing.  The Mommies get a special placemat, a poem that the children wrote about them, flower pots with their special fingerprints, and a recipe book that we have made.  Between the mother's day tea and our American Girl roadtrip, the bed felt very good last night:)
This week has also been teacher appreciation week in our public schools and I have had such fun coming up with cute (yet cheesy) little goodies each day to say thank you.  Our teachers have so much on them, yet they love our kids and give their jobs their all.  It is SOL season here in Virginia so teacher's and families feel the stress.  I will do another post another day about David and his experience taking SOL test this year:)  He goes to a school full of some pretty incredible folks.  It has been fun to come up with some creative and fun ideas to say thank you to the folks that teach our three children each day. 

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