Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Photo Dump

The sun is out and the temperature is rising here in beautiful Southwest Virginia. As the year winds down we have been going full throttle trying to fit everything in.
Here is David with his sweet teacher Mrs. storie. One night David was procrastinating going to sleep and after we fussed On him several times for not obeying and going right to bed he burst into tears and started crying that the next day was his teacher's birthday and he wanted to get her some flowers.  The next day he took her some flowers ❤️.
this past week was our last week of after school at church.  Wednesday afternoons are one of the highlights of my week as we teach almost 50 children each week about Jesus. To celebrate a wonderful year we had a picnic and play time at Hungry mother state park. Hope is wearing her birthday crown from school because her teacher celebrated her summer birthday early before school got out.
I am so thankful my children have so many Christian friends to church.
David with sweet Jack. Clearly David did not use his napkin because he has  pizza sauce All over his face!! 
After the picnic at hungry mother for the church we then had a Challenger baseball game. Not only has it been a joy to watch David participate as a player but it has also been amazing to watch Kyle and hope participate as buddies for the players.
Here is hope and one of her girlfriends from school helping adorable and amazing Mikey play ball.  This young man has such determination and an amazing smile ❤️
Saturday for the Challenger baseball game David and Caroline saying the national anthem. ❤️ there really are not enough words to explain how awesome Challenger baseball has been.
Saturday night we went as a family to relay for life. This is Stephanie posing with David and she too had cancer as a child and was treated at UVA. A doctor and a few nurses that treated her as a child are still at UVA!! What a treat to see both Stephanie and David wearing their survivor T-shirts
Here is the bag that someone purchased in honor of David. Relay for life is pretty emotional for me. It still blows me away that we had a child that fought cancer.
Today was the second half of a baseball tournament that Kyle has been in this weekend. Kyle's bat was on fire this weekend and he racked up three triples!! He has really struggled with this confidence lately and it was so nice to see my boy smiling on the field again.
He also got to pitch a little bit!! 

After four winning games our 13 U team won the championship! Here is the team sporting their rings with their hands on home  plate! 
I love that win or lose this team gives God the glory and begins and ends each game with prayer.  

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