Sunday, May 24, 2015

Welcome summer

This preschool teacher is officially on summer break! The boys are officially done with SOL test! We still have a few more days of school but most of the stress is behind us.
we had the sweetest preschool graduation Thursday night. Hope wanted to go to watch her BFF Sydney graduate from preschool. Sydney and Hope have been together at preschool for many years since they both started attending while merely toddlers themselves. The Robinson and Pugh girls have made a lot of precious memories at preschool over the years. With both of our girls going to kindergarten it is the end of an era.

Our little girl is obsessed with reading. This makes me so happy because I too am a book nerd. We go to the library several times a week to get new books and recently she has started reading some beginner chapter books. It made me smile to turn around in the car and see hope and David reading books in the car.
It was another baseball weekend. Kyle really loves the other guys on the team. I love seeing the boys huddle up win or lose, put their arms around each other and pray.

While the boys play baseball the girls play cards.

Kyle had a baseball game this afternoon so he had to wear his uniform to church to work the projector. I am so thankful to be in a church that matters more that you are attending than what you're wearing to worship ❤️ Kyle loves being part of the praise team by running the computer during worship.

We have had a full weekend of holiday fun, but we have taken some time to enjoy some family time on the deck in the evenings. Love this picture of Mike and our two youngest. Welcome summer!! 

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