Thursday, May 28, 2015

Snapshots of life

Life can sometimes be very hard. Our days are full of high expectations and short deadlines. This week our schedule has been brutal. Mike has had evening events every single night. We have been in survival mode counting down the days until summer. This week at our Challenger baseball game one of the volunteers, Matt, captured this photo that has made us all smile. This is Mikey who had just gotten a hit and is running to first base.That fist pump and huge smile make me want to weep. Challenger baseball has been such a blessing in my life this year and this awesome picture of Mikey is a snapshot of the joy of the season.
My dad, pops, has been down to visit us this week. My mom is on a trip with some friends so pops came to visit. It has been a blessing since Mike has been gone so much. Pops brought us this golf cart from the lake and the kids are loving it. I love seeing my children together outside! Listening to the giggles as they cruise on the golf cart brings me such joy
This is my final snapshot of the lake before leaving the other day. My grandmother was giving me some of the lawn furniture from the lake after it sold, so I went and visited briefly, got my furniture, and said goodbye. It felt like a punch in the stomach to say goodbye to a place that meant so much to me. Extended family drama can be so hard .

Pops , Kyle, and myself have worked hard around the house to make room for all the new furniture and to work on my landscaping. I am desperate to teach Kyle a strong work ethic so he learned to mulch!
At the Challenger game the other night David got a huge hit! He was so excited because…
His teacher and her husband came to watch his game!! Everything he did he yelled out to the crowd " for you Mrs. storie!"  This snapshot touches my heart to think that God has blessed David with a teacher who would take her time during a busiest time of year to come to his game. 
Today I was blessed and got to go on a kindergarten field trip today with my best girl. It was a wonderful field trip to hungry mother for all the kindergartners. Here are Colton and hope fishing together. Hope has had a wonderful kindergarten year with a super sweet and special teacher. 
The children on the field trip got to do different stations and here is hope with the local legend Miss Carrie who got in the creek with the children and helped them catch things and identify them. My girl caught a crawl dad and was so excited! All local folks know what a gem Carrie sparks is!

After a long day outside on the field trip, hope was too tired and complained about going to ballet tonight. I made her go because Chautauqua  festival is coming up and she needed to practice her dances.!On the way home from ballet we were on a standstill on the interstate due to a bad wreck. I looked up in my mirror and saw these two cute ballerinas whispering about something pretty important. It touched me so much that after two boys Misti and I both were blessed with these precious girls. I know when they're all grown up teenagers, it will no longer be cool to ride to ballet with mom. I treasure these days with these "hot messes" ❤️

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