Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sweet summertime

Hands-down summertime is my favorite time of year. I love the slower pace, the warm sunshine, lazy days at the pool and lake, and time for friends and reading. Now that our neighborhood pool is open it feels like summer time. David, hope, Sydney and I enjoyed a lazy afternoon at the pool on Saturday.
Kyle drove us on the golf cart to the pool and dropped us off. David is now brave enough to go off the diving board by himself. The bad news is he scratched his leg pretty good when he slipped off the diving board.  His vision without his glasses is so poor it's amazing he does as well as he does swimming. Our great lifeguards handled it beautifully and he was back swimming in the pool happily five minutes later.

Saturday evening Sydney's parents and brothers came to pick her up from our house. We were all chatting out in the driveway when Mike walked outside and invited the Pughs to stay for supper. We were all exhausted from the yard sale, pool  time, and baseball, but Mike grilled us some awesome hamburgers and we all dug in. My house was certainly not "company ready" but it was a spontaneous blessing. Our kids ran amok in the yard playing and the adults got to sit on the deck catching up. We are blessed with good friends that do not judge us on how our children behave, how clean our house is,or how we are dressed. We could not have planned a more pleasant and fun evening. Great idea Mike! 

 Even though my pre-school year is over, I got together with my fellow teachers and we hosted an indoor yard sale at the church Friday and Saturday to benefit our preschool program. It was quite obvious that we were not veteran yard sale hostesses, but we learned a little laughed a lot and made some money.  

Our children have one last week of school this week. All three of ours have had a wonderful school year. Bring on all the end of the school year events and welcome sweet summertime!!

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