Monday, May 4, 2015

God is so Good. He Really Is.

I apologize for being a blog slacker.  Between prepping for my own kiddos SOL tests, Mother's Day Tea at preschool which is coming up, baseball for all three of our kids, and life, I have been a slacker.  Thanks to a few of you that have reminded me that I am a blogging slacker and to get with it:) 
Kyle is in the midst of travel baseball season.  He loves the boys on his team and this weekend it was beautiful baseball weather.  Saturday between our three kiddos we had four baseball games.  We missed Kyle's first one but made it to his second one.
Sunday afternoon I was headed to the tournament with the kids and Kyle got sicker and sicker the closer we got to the field.  Instead of playing ball we visited the nearby urgent care.  Poor guy has had a sore throat, fever, and has just felt yucky. SOL test season is not the ideal time to get sick:(

A bonus from the weekend was that my nephew Clayton was also playing in the same tournament!  They played in different locations but we still got to see Chad and Clayton for a while. 

Besides seeing Clayton and Chad, another huge highlight from the weekend was Challenger baseball.  Our boy can play ball!  This season of Challenger has blessed me beyond measure.  I am amazed at what God has done for this program, I am touched and blessed by the players, and the volunteers impress me with their dedication and love of this league.  Saturday there was a big article about Challenger in the paper and then during the game Saturday, WCYB came and did a news story about it!  The kids were so excited to "be on tv!" 

Hope has officially become a reader and writer!  She loves to read and I found this precious quote on the magna doodle that she had written.  I love that she can read and write so well, but I love it even more that she knows in her heart that God is so good. 
We are in a season of craziness in our house as Mike is finishing up a budget season for the school system and year end events, he is also finishing up and grading for his ODU class, I am finishing out my awesome preschool year, and we are in full study mode here as SOL tests are upon us.  I always get so emotional thinking of David and SOL tests, but I will save my toughts on that for another day.  For today I am thrilled that my kids know and love God, their Daddy works his elbows off for all the kids in this county and future educational leaders, their Momma loves teaching little preschoolers their  ABC's. 123's, and about Jesus.  We are busy here in the Robinson household but we are blessed because we know that God is so good. He really is.

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