Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Power of Inclusion

High School Rallies Behind Homecoming Queen - NBC29

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Meet Lauren Johnson in the story above. Her Momma, Gena, worked with Mike many years ago at Orange County High School. Her step-father, Dr. Larry was our beloved doctor who came to the hospital to visit us when David was born. Lauren attends Orange County High School and was named Homecoming Queen over the weekend. We have such fond memories of our old community and it comes to no surprise to us that Lauren was honored in such a special way.

I remember after Dr. Larry's coworker came and told us the diagnosis of Down Syndrome, I looked at Mike and said "I want Larry here." He faithfully came and visited with us for hours as he held my precious bundle and answered EVERY question we had-even the hard ones. He helped us on many levels because he and Gena have Lauren at home. I will allow the article to tell you more about Lauren, but she is someone that once you meet her, you will never forget her:)

I could go on and on about sweet Lauren, but what this situation tells me is that INCLUSION WORKS! If Lauren was not included with her sweet high school friends, then this would have never happened because they would not have known her as well. This works, because Lauren has been with her peers since she entered school and everyone loves her. They also did not do this out of pity for the "poor special ed girl" but they felt that she was truly the queen.

Can I tell you as a special needs parent that has a lifetime of school ahead for David that my heart swells when I hear this. I know the road for David will not always be smooth, but with inclusion in our schools, positive experiences such as what Lauren encountered are going to happen more and more and everyone will be better off because of it. My fingers are flying over the keys this morning because my heart is so steadfast that this is what is best for our kids-all of them.

Read and enjoy Lauren's sweet story. I feel honored that I spent many years with her and her sweet family in Orange, Virginia. I have no doubt that at the dance that night she was truly Queen of the Ball!"

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  1. Thanks for sharing ~ what a great story. You are so right, and inclusion goes WAY beyond the classroom...