Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

Whew-Halloween in this hilly neighborhood is an aerobic event! We have had a fun day with our neighborhood friends. We had a gathering at our house before we went out trick or treating. Despite a dismal weather forecast, we did actually get to trick or treat after all!

These pictures were taken earlier this week at storytime at the library. Mrs. Tracey and Mrs. Jennifer did a special halloween storytime and all the children got to dress up! We utilized our Gymboree tutu for a cute ballerina costume:) I learned a valuable lesson this week with little girls- getting tights on cute baby legs is a nightmare!!

This was our attempt at a picture of all three-not super successful:)

After trick or treating, Hope got to watch Brady sit up for a long time! He was showing off his new skill to Hope.
Carly, Kelsey, and Claire trick or treating in our neighborhood. We always go out with a big posse but we all end up getting separated as the big kids take off!:)

Hope is really enjoying tummy time and loves to chew on toys these days:)

Yesterday when Kyle was out of school, he made a bingo game for everyone to play. He printed, cut and laminated bingo cards and made a treasure bag for prizes.

Earlier today, we went downtown for a trick or treat event. We had to walk up a big hill to get back to our car and here is sweet Davey stopping for a rest:)

While we were downtown we ran into Davids friend Hailey who was dressed as Daphne from Scooby Doo:)

Downtown with the boys. Kyle was dressed as a pirate and Davey was a dragon. Kyle and /I battled over costumes this year because of my no scary costume rule. Everything in his size is horribly ugly and/or scary and I refuse to go there. So we finally agreed on a pirate. I do not care for this costume, but it is what he chose within my rules:) I love the expression on David's face in these pictures:)

This is my favorite picture of the night:)


  1. This is so sweet, Laura!

  2. They all are so cute.

    Heather @ Gigglingkids