Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lightning Speed

Here is a picture I took of Hope last week with all the fall decorations out on our porch. Sometimes I feel so silly taking so many pictures of her, but life is traveling at lightning speed these days and I am trying so hard to desperately cherish every moment with all three of my babes.

Kyle is huge these days. All his jeans we bought for school this WHOLE year he has outgrown already (note to self: do not buy growing boy jeans in august to last until March! He is eating us out of the house and he is actually cultivating some upper body muscles from swimming. He looks so mature these days. Hopefully soon his behavior will reach the same maturity as his body:) A Mom can hope huh?! His parent conference last week went extremely well and we are proud of the sweet, caring heart that his teacher talks about just as much as the academics. Math is his love, but he has fallen in love with Magic Tree House books and is devouring them at home and school. We are off to a swim meet this weekend for Kyle:)

David-where do I even start? His conference went very well also and we are so proud of the work he is doing at home and school. We are THRILLED with his reading progress but it is taking the whole village to work together with him. He loves his swimming lessons (but NOT the shower afterwards) and is doing very well in it:) He had a playdate with a friend yesterday and I was just watching them together and felt so blessed. We have had a little annoying issue at school where a few children tattle on David and it has really driven me crazy. He is an easy scapegoat to blame everything on in the classroom. The teacher is aware of it and is working on it as a class by reading stories and doing some role playing. All kids tattle at this age and I want David to get in trouble if he is deserving but not be the scapegoat for all. Situations such as this make you so thankful for kind, loving teachers that feel their job is to teach way more than academics. We are so thankful for both boys' teachers this year.

Then there is Hope. She has been battling a cold for THREE weeks and is finally on Amoxicillin. She is happy as a little clam and we are enjoying her so much. We all got our swine flu and seasonal flu vaccines to help protect her since she is much too little for those type of vaccines. I am trying to keep her in as much as possible without going stir crazy myself:) She loves to be talked and read to:)

That is the update with the kiddos. Mike is busy as always but we are all looking forward to getting away this weekend to swim with Kyle. We will get to have some fun while we are gone with our LASO family friends. We are planning a trip to Chuck E Cheese while we are there, which will be the biggest thrill for David. He gets excited just to see the commercial on TV!!!

I am loving staying home again full time, but I am still not sure where the day goes. I am trying to work out as much as I can and keep up with my bible study. I am constantly trying new recipes and the family is enjoying my experimentation. Last night I made a Paula Deen Cheesy Chicken Casserole that they all enjoyed but David. I will post the recipe sometime soon:) Enjoy this beautiful fall weather because we all know winter is right around the corner:)

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