Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Random Ramblings

It is a dreary cool Wendesday here and Mike is out of town. We usually survive while he is gone, but we all miss him terribly. Hope has had the sniffles this week but thankfully her RSV test was negative. She is on the mend, but has been high maintenance over the past few days.

It is so rare to post without a pic or two, but lately we have been busy-I do have a great picture of Hope with her new tiara on, but I will save that for another day:) David started swimming lessons last night and did awesome!! We are so proud of him.

Kyle on the other hand is getting over a bad case of swimmers ear. Bless his is this kid that loves swim team, but has to battle asthma and swimmers ear. He was out of the water all last week and on steroids (that was a rough combo) but he is much better this week. Mike is taking Kyle next week to UVA to consult with our beloved asthma and allergy specialist to make sure we have all the tools in place to keep Kyle from getting as sick as he was last winter. I will stay home with Hope and David while they do an overnight trip to Cville:)

We have a new but temporary member of our family-Flat Stanley!!! Kyle's friend from Orange, Brett honored us by choosing our family for Flat Stanley's visit. We have had a ball with it and I will be sad when Flat STanely goes back to ORange County:)

In my extended family, we have had some rough spots to deal with. My beloved and active grandfather who has COPD and other lung issues has really struggled with his breathing lately and to see such an active guy decline before your eyes is so hard. My other grandmother is back in rehab after a nasty case of bacteria in her system. I am in awe of my parents as they take care of both of their parents during this time and balance that with their desire to spend time with their grandchildren. Their retirement has been full of doctor visits and running errands for their ailing parents. Their plates are full, but I know they take that job seriously and would not want anyone else to do it for them:)

That is all the ramblings I have for today:) More pictures coming soon...:)

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