Monday, October 5, 2009

Not Me Monday!

This past week and weekend have been full of activities and fun! But there are always those moments that happened that all I can fairly say is "Not me!"

I did NOT skip out early on a field trip because I was so thirsty and hungry. The other responsible chaperone Moms had packed their lunch but nope, Not Me! I somehow forgot that I needed a lunch also and was so hungry and thirsty by lunchtime that I skipped out early to get a Tea and a sandwich at the nearby McDonalds! I was so thirsty that even the kids juice boxes looked good to me:)

I did NOT blow off a social opportunity for my children this weekend so we could spend a family day together. I have personally had a wake up call regarding how fast my children are growing up and I needed a day with just us:)

I did NOT tear up (in a good way) when Kyle was invited to the movies with a girl this past weekend. He had already planned to go to the football game with his Daddy, but this movie invite came along, and he dropped his Daddy like a hot potato!!:)

I did NOT feel guilty for not volunteering at my boys' school for a special day last week.

I did NOT throw recycling away deep in our trash can so tree hugger hubbie would not find it. I had already taken the recycling out and I was too lazy for one more trip for an empty can of beans. It is hard being a tree huggers wife:)

That is all I am willing to admit to on this Monday-how about you??

1 comment:

  1. Love how you stuffed the can deep in the trash can so hubby wouldn't find it! There are moments where you just need to do that kind of thing! :)
    Good for you for choosing family time, you can never go wrong with that one!!!!