Sunday, May 2, 2010

Brain Overload

I wave the white flag-I surrender!! My little brain is so full that it is in overload mode. Life has been busy, crazy, scary, and overall overwhelming in our household over the past week. The fact that I went ALL WEEK without blogging truly was a sign that the world was spinning too fast for this gal. Here is the recap:

Last week was rolling smoothly until we had a regular dental appointment with Mr. Kyle that showed that he needs a little work-not what we wanted to hear at all.

Then, we got news that my dear Dad who was on his annual fishing trip to Nags Head landed in the hospital with some scary symptoms that Praise Jesus was only a bleeding ulcer. He spent three days in the Outer Banks hospital and got back home today. Poor thing...he was super sick and thankfully my brother was able to go be with him. My brother stepped up big and I just need to give him some props on the blog! My brother and I are close (disagree sometimes) but we texted like crazy last week as he was in the hospital playing Florence Nightingale to my dad:)

Then, the night that we were waiting to see what was going on with my Dad, I could not sleep and Hope was gassy so I took her downstairs to the basement to sleep. I stepped foot in that room and my foot squished with water. Seriously, a ton of water had saturated that carpet. After much insurance drama, we have ripped the carpet out and we are in drying out mode and may possibly put some hardwood floors in to replace. The only bummer is that this one will come out of our pocket.

Then this weekend has been full of baseball fun and we did get some fun family time at the ballfield. This time of year is super crazy and I am trying to roll with it instead of freaking out. Mike is gone a lot over the next few weeks and his schedule is full.

Tonight, however, I got the huge blessing to go to REACH 2010 here in our community. Jerry Moore, Appalachian State football coach was the speaker of the night. His team beat Michigan in 2007 which was a HUGE upset. He is a great coach, but more importantly he is a great Christian man and I was so blessed to hear him speak tonight.

I took Kyle and Hope and I enjoyed the worship music beforehand. I really enjoyed Jery Moore's message about raising young men with warrior souls that are trained to do the right thing. He autographed this newspaper for Kyle and it said "always do more than what is expected" I love it. I have always pondered and inquired about how to raise Godly young men with a heart for doing the right thing even when it is tough to do so. I SO want Kyle to be that kind of kid/young man and I as a mother learned so much tonight. I wish Mike could have heard him because he would have enjoyed it also.

Coach Moore talked about choices that young guys have to face and he preaches to his players to stay the course and do the right thing in everything you do-relationships, jobs, family life, and also on the football field. I have learned so much being a sports mom and he was so encouraging to me tonight. I pray that Kyle has coaches like him in the future. Mike has preached to our boys forever to do the right thing and this message tonight reiterated that to Kyle. Kyle got to meet him, get his picture taken with him and his autograph.

This week looks busy, but hopefully the drama of last week has passed and I can read some of the scripture references that Coach Moore provided tonight. We all could use a fresh dose of The Word and this overwhelmed Mom is no exception-have a great week!

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