Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dave's Big Day!

Today has been all about David! We started the morning at the our county's Special Games Day which is basically the same thing as Special Olympics! It was a fun (but hot) morning and David had a ball! Then after Special Games Day and lunch at McDonald's we went back to school for the Kindergarten Show! It has been super fun!

Oopening ceremony-David loved his balloon!!

He was so thrilled when he let that big balloon go! The opening ceremony/parade is always a sweet and special time. I usually end up wiping tears away during that time.

Run baby run!! He was so thrilled to run this race.

Tommy, Hope, and David!

The Long jump!

Hope and Daddy posing for a picture! She looks so much like her Daddy in this picture!

David doing the baseball throw!

After special games we then made it back to school for the kindergarten show! Here is David with his class singing:) He has had such a great year this year!

Singing with their shades on:)

I love this boy so much. He certainly is such a challenge, but days like this make me so proud to be his mama. I love days where we get to celebrate Dave just being Dave.
The pastor that prayed the opening prayer today at special games was so sweet when he took time to thank God for all the children present today at the games. It tenders me to much to think that God made all those amazing children today at this event and that he knows how many hairs are on each head. Often society does not always appreciate and value this crowd, but our Lord certainly does.
I am often overwhelmed at being David's mommy and today I was overwhelmed with gratitude that God chose me to parent this angel straight from heaven-with his strong will and all!

Here is a cute video from the kindergarten show today! Enjoy:)

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  1. YAY, DAVID! I get teary-eyed when I think "itty bitty" David has finished Kindergarten!! Such a big boy now. He's still just as precious as ever - I know you all are so proud of him!